Three ten weeks: No.41

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Goodbye to this topic.

That’s right, if you will open this newsletter, this may be the last letter of the three-week period, starting with issue 00 and ending with issue 41, trying to collect forty-two chapters. In fact, I have been writing on and off for two years, but because of my ability and cognition, I don’t think I have the ability to write newsletters. I’m not going for data brilliance, or I’d probably give up less. In fact, turning the coin over and looking at it, it has another side. In short, I didn’t find the location of this newsletter, and it didn’t surprise you much within a week, but the accumulation of materials during this period and Writing in the tabloids makes me feel comfortable, and I still have some good ideas in my hands, but it doesn’t feel right to show them in newsletters.

Simply, I may have to go back to write a public account, the kind of running account. I know that you who subscribed to the newsletter are most likely from there, so maybe we can meet back there.

Finally, a little recommendation, Zhao Lei released a new album “Juqian Street Youth”. I don’t want to express how much I listen to the song. In fact, like the previous album, it is my favorite state, and it remains stable. It’s not easy to be stable in this era, at least he did it.

There’s a little more to this album, including all his previous albums. It has a magic power that can make you close your eyes and see the sun, just like drinking beer in the afternoon in front of the Jokhang Temple. The friend who has been talking can’t hear what he’s saying, and can’t see the face clearly, but the people around are smiling, the sun is shining, and they are carefree. If you’ve been a little tired lately, you can listen to his songs and try to close your eyes.

wish you be happy everyday. Goodbye bye.

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