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As mentioned in the previous article 1 , in addition to the animation collection, I still have a lot of music that has not been sorted out. There are about 7,000 songs, with a total of about 700G, mainly OP/ED/OST 2 of animation. If you want to organize so much music, it cannot be said that it is not a headache.

The first is the question of resources. I may have a collection of two quality music and need to delete the lower quality version; I may have downloaded a different version 3 album and need to distinguish between the two; music from the same album may be scattered in a folder somewhere I don’t know ……Etc., etc. Sorting into categories alone is many times more difficult than neatly arranged BT files.

Second is the metadata issue. Unlike film and television dramas, which can rely on the media program to identify the file name and match a perfect metadata corresponding to it to generate an nfo data file for subsequent use, the ID3Tags 4 of music is directly written into the audio file. Therefore, we need to find a way to modify the music tags to match the data on “MusicBrainz” 5 . In addition, the lyrics of the music need to be solved.

Well, I will open a new pit to talk about these, but here is the selection and deployment plan of the music library.

Identify needs

If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. You must first determine the needs of your music library before you can choose the appropriate media program. My requirements at this stage are very simple:

  • Beautiful interface: this is a personal hobby, like things that look good
  • Remote playback: the local area network is fine, the problem of using the external network can be solved by Frp
  • Easy to control: preferably a mobile terminal
  • Display lyrics: This is not just needed, it is optional

Program selection

Since purchasing the NAS at the end of March, I have used three media programs, Jellyfin/Emby/Plex. Based on the usage scenarios of the desktop and mobile terminals, it is determined to use Plex as the final music library solution.


Jellyfin is an open-source fork of Emby and a media program that most users will choose. Although open source comes first, Jellyfin has poor support for music, not only the interface is inferior to Emby, but also the ability to match music metadata is weak, and it does not support lyrics display. So Pass.


Home Home

album display page album display page

The playback interface can only be selected from the following one.

track list track list

Play interface Play interface

Although the official guide gives the music library folder format6 , there are no options to choose from when setting up like Emby.


For the mobile terminal, you can choose the web terminal or Jellyfin’s App. The interface is basically the same as Emby except that the lyrics cannot be displayed.


Installing Jellyfin is simple. You can refer to the relevant installation steps in the article ” Using Jellyfin + Bangumi to Create a More Comfortable Animation Media Library “.


Emby is a paid implementation of Jellyfin. In terms of appearance alone, Emby is much better looking than Jellyfin.

After all, it is a paid software. If even the UI is not good-looking, how can it attract users to consume it?


Home Home

play page play page

The album display page is similar to Jellyfin, but the UI is better.

album album

The playback interface also has a variety of options. Posters can be displayed, and lyrics can also be displayed.

But lyrics are paid features, I use the happy version so there are lyrics .

When creating a media library, you can choose the folder structure according to the actual situation.


What is demonstrated here is the web side of the iPhone, which is the interface under the Safari browser. Emby on the web can display album lists, play cards and lyrics well.

However, since Emby is a closed-source paid program, if you want to use the Emby App on iOS, you need to spend 30 yuan to purchase the playback permission to unlock the function of playing music on the App side.

Of course it is good to support genuine, but Emby is too expensive. The monthly payment is 45, and the lifetime is about 900. So Android users please use the happy version happily, iOS please use the web side unhappily.


Install Emby using Docker & Docker Compose.

For the installation steps of Docker, please refer to the relevant tutorials in ” AutoBangumi: Automatically follow and free your hands “. I’m just too lazy to copy and paste it again.

The happy version is installed here, and the full functionality of the web page is available.

 version: "3.9" services: emby: image: lovechen/embyserver:latest container_name: emby ports: - 8096:8096 - 8920:8920 - 1900:1900/udp - 7359:7359/udp environment: - PUID=1000 - PGID=1000 - GIDLIST=0 - TZ=Asia/Shanghai volumes: - ./emby:/config - /media:/media restart: unless-stopped

After the creation is complete, visit ip:8096 to reach the web interface for more in-depth operations and settings.

The creation of the media library is also very simple. As long as you classify the music according to the folder requirements in advance, Emby can directly index and use these music, and display the album wall.


Plex is also a paid program, and the function of paid restrictions is basically the same as Emby: App needs to pay to play video and audio, otherwise it will be limited to one minute. However, the web terminal is fully functional, but the decoding ability is very poor, and an additional local program of Plex needs to be installed on the PC.

Plex is easy to get started with and easy to add to your media library. For files that have not been renamed, the recognition rate is higher than that described above. The interface is also more beautiful, and the support for music is very good, but the display of lyrics is average.


album wall album wall

track list track list

poster mode poster mode

Lyrics display is a paid feature. I am currently affiliated with the name of a big guy who has purchased a member, and I directly prostitute.

Lyrics display Lyrics display


Plex also looks great on mobile, better than Emby.

Plex also has a music program “Plexamp”, but you need to buy a Plex Pass to use it.

Plexamp can display more music information. Different from the integrated app of Jellyfin/Emby, it is a real mobile music program.

However, Plexamp is not yet localized, so it will be difficult to use it if the English is not good.

  • Higher Quality Visualizers
    It’ll look great, but your GPU and battery will melt.
  • Show Album Codec Badges Show Album Codec Badges
    Want to show off your HD music to your dog? Want to show off your HD music to your dog?


To install Plex, refer to the article ” Build Your Own Media Server with Plex & Docker “.

Before installing, you need to go to the official website to register an account, because Plex is an online verification method. Once installed, the media library is automatically linked to your Plex account. This is different from Jellyfin/Emby, so Plex can’t crack it.

But the free function is available, so there is no need to crack it.

The same is installed using Docker.

The PLEX_CLAIM=your-claim item in the configuration below needs to be filled in with the Plex verification code to bind the account. Available here , valid for 4 minutes.

 version: "3.9" services: plex: image: linuxserver/plex container_name: plex network_mode: host ports: - 32400:32400 - 1900:1900/udp - 3005:3005 - 5353:5353/udp environment: - TZ=Asia/Shanghai - PUID=0 - PGID=0 - VERSION=docker - PLEX_CLAIM=your-claim volumes: - ./plex:/config - /media:/media restart: unless-stopped

After the startup is complete, you can access ip:32400/web to enter the web interface, and you need to log in to your Plex account again.

The media library setup is much the same, but Plex has more details. Here is my configuration for reference only.

The language needs to be “Chinese”, so that the album or artist information can be correctly displayed in Chinese.

Scanners, proxies, visibility, and album sorting remain default.

Because my music has all the ID3 information of MusicBrainz embedded, so local metadata is preferred .

The storage tracking progress is mainly used for long audio, so it does not need to be turned on, otherwise the song you have heard will be remembered and cannot be played from the beginning.

Artist profiles, album ratings, and popular tracks can all be opened.

The type of “Embedded Tag” is preferred, because my music has all the ID3 information of MusicBrainz embedded.

As for the album cover, I don’t know if Plex will read my local cover.jpg , so I use “Plex Music and Local Files”.


As said at the beginning, I ended up going with Plex. Because it basically meets my requirements: a good-looking interface, a mobile terminal, and a good-looking interface.

That is, there is no public network ip, and it takes a little effort to penetrate the intranet.

It costs money, but Plex looks good, so it’s worth it.

I even switched my video library to Plex. Now I have both Emby and Plex open. Using infuse to connect to Plex on my phone is great for watching movies.

  1. See: ” Using Jellyfin + Bangumi to create a more comfortable animation media library
  2. “OP” refers to the opening song, “ED” refers to the ending song, and “OST” refers to “Original Sound Track”, which means “film and television soundtrack” or “original soundtrack”, which is the soundtrack.
  3. Japanese animation albums will be divided into “First Press Limited Edition” and “Normal Edition”. The “First Press Limited Edition” usually comes with a song MV, and sometimes the “normal version” is only the difference between the cover and the gift.
  4. ID3 is a metadata container, which is mostly used in audio files in MP3 format. It can store related information such as song title, artist, album, number of tracks in MP3 files, also known as “ID3Tags”. See Wikipedia for details.
  5. The media programs I’ve used so far, such as Jellyfin/Emby/Plex, use the “MusicBrainz” database for music metadata.
  6. See:

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