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I ran a half marathon yesterday. According to my physical habits, after running a half marathon, I usually take a nap and sleep. Body and mind, mainly spirit, need a little sleep to recover quickly.

However, there was a “Seattle Mineral Market” yesterday, and a few families made an appointment to take the children to see it. After running and eating, it was time to meet, so there was no time to take a nap.

I thought that if I didn’t sleep well, it would make people very sleepy, right? As a result, it was only absent-minded during the day. At night, after falling asleep with the child, I suddenly felt sleepy. I slept in the middle of the night and woke up before 5 in the morning.

Early in the morning, the children ran to our bed one by one. I thought they would get up just after being tired for a while. My son did say he wanted me to get up with him and pulled me out of the bed. As a result, I got dressed, but he got into my position. I go to the kitchen to drink some water first. Unexpectedly, when he went back to call him, he had already made a slight snoring.

Well, the three of you will continue to sleep on the weekend “lazy sleep”. As for me, I just wrote two things about sleeping as a weekly diary for this week.

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