New release of HFS 3, the easiest file sharing tool

HFS is an old file sharing tool with a 20-year history. The full name is Http File Server. It will start a file server on your computer, and you can easily download files through a browser. It is very simple and easy to use. The developer has completely rebuilt the code in the past six months, and enabled the new name of HFS 3, bringing more new features, including https, permission system, plug-in system and other functions. @Appinn

HFS 3 全新发布,最简单的文件分享工具

The last version of HFS was 2.3, released in 2017, using the Delphi language. HFS 3 uses Typescript, and currently there is no graphical interface, only command-line tools are provided, but it has a web-side management interface.


The latest version of HFS 3 is version 0.20.0, which was updated 11 hours ago. The developers provide Windows, macOS and Linux clients, as well as a node version.

After running, the Admin panel will be automatically opened, and then you can set a series of operations such as shared folders, accounts, monitoring, and plug-ins. Basically no need for a graphical interface.

HFS 3 supports virtual file system, that is, you can create a folder out of thin air, and then bind the physical folder under this folder, which is suitable for more detailed management of shared files. With the account system, you can download a specified file by specifying a user group or user.

HFS 3 全新发布,最简单的文件分享工具 1

The plug-in system currently has five small functions including download count, maximum download limit, and binding different domain names to different folders:

HFS 3 全新发布,最简单的文件分享工具 2

In the settings, you can also set up functions including speed limit, HTTPS certificate, log, file type, IP blacklist, etc. You can even use HFS 3 on the public network.

The foreground download page also has a dark mode 😂

HFS 3 全新发布,最简单的文件分享工具 3
HFS 3 全新发布,最简单的文件分享工具 4

Then it is very easy to use, the node version is only 1.93MB, and other clients are 15MB~19MB in size.


Developers frequently update, it is recommended to go to GitHub’s releases page to download the latest version.

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The earliest content about HFS in niche software comes from the recommendation of @bingberg in 2007: hfs self-built download link

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