New work preview for June 2022

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Card Shark

New work preview for June 2022

2022.06.02 / NS, PC

New work preview for June 2022

Published by Devolver Digital and produced by Nerial, the developer of the “Reigns” series, an action-adventure game with a theme of cheating simulation in a poker game. After a certain noble “introduced the door”, he began to assist the dignitaries in various tricks to avoid exposure and win the game.

“Card shark” is a slang term used to call “playing card king”. There is also a similar common word “Card sharp”. According to the author’s understanding, the feelings of the former are actually neutral, including those with outstanding card skills. , the latter refers to the genuine “Thousand Brothers”, this work finally chose the former with a more complex meaning, and the name also directly echoes the main content of the game.

According to the propaganda, players will match the real simulation process in “Card Shark”, and the game has designed a variety of interactive actions to simulate the specific out-of-the-box techniques. Players are only required to use the action of wiping the table to indicate the suit color. Later, they will learn advanced skills such as changing cards while pouring wine, expressing complex information with different hand shapes that touch the goblet, and then controlling shuffling and so on. More advanced gameplay. Once the number of mistakes in the operation exceeds the NPC’s tolerance, players will be punished to varying degrees, ranging from daring to play the game to lynching, which also gives a certain sense of excitement to the game process; however, there are also media After the trial, he pointed out that some passages of “Card Shark” feel repetitive, and because the game’s guidance is weak (not a bad thing), players may need to make frequent trial and error in order to figure out the situation, which reduces the fun.

What is worth mentioning here is the unique artistic atmosphere of this work. Nicolai Troshinsky , an artist from Spain, participated in “Card Shark” and gave meticulous guidance in all aspects of the overall tone of this work. The outline of the story pays tribute to his love The Stanley Kubrick film “Barry Lyndon” – also a classic set in 18th century Europe, Troshinsky also uses his own unique ink style Animation adorns the entire work, with a soundtrack of Debussy, Bach and similar styles, shaping the immersive game world.

The Quarry / The Quarry

2022.06.10 / PS4, PS5, X1, XS X|S, PC

New work preview for June 2022

The latest product of British developer Supermassive Games. The team was formed in 2008. In the early years, it participated in the development of some Sony platform works such as the “LittleBigPlanet” series DLC, until they independently developed the thriller for the PS4 first escort. The interactive film work “Until Dawn” became an instant hit and made Supermassive shine on the stage of history. Since then, it has been deeply involved in the subdivision of thriller interactive films. In addition to the launch of “Until Dawn” IP derivative works on the PS platform , and also teamed up with Bandai Namco Entertainment to create a new series of “The Dark Pictures Anthology”.

In the author’s personal perception, Supermassive’s interactive movies have always had outstanding common characteristics: players need to make choices for characters when there is insufficient information, sometimes simulating character behavior through operations such as QTE, and the rest is observation The story goes, to see how the choices the player makes for the character shape their fate. The reason why the resumes of so many developers are introduced is because from the official propaganda and the media’s early experience feedback, the routine of “Quarry Fright” is in the same vein as the old work of the same family, and follows the thrilling interactive movie that Supermassive is familiar with: the gathering of nine protagonists In the strange quarry camp, while investigating, establishing relationships, and surviving, players need to simulate and complete some of the characters’ actions, or help the characters make decisions on some selection tendencies, and thus participate in the progress of the story and witness The final ending of the characters; similar to “Until Dawn”, all the protagonists may die, and the way of death is also blooming, which has become one of the biggest selling points of this work.

The development team is very fond of the “micro-innovation” in the operation mechanism of “Fright in the Quarry”. There are a lot of options to adjust the amount of operation. You can modify how many or which action simulation and QTE you want, so you don’t want to operate it. The amount of input is minimized by the players of the game. What’s more exaggerated is that this game even added a pure movie mode. The player can specify the personality of the protagonist in advance, and then there is no need to intervene in the process, and the character will make decisions independently. As far as personal tastes are concerned, the author accidentally catches a cold with this kind of work that deprives interactivity, but for friends who love murderous thriller movies and do not reject weak interaction, “Quarry Cry” should still be worth considering.

Mario Strikers: Battle League / Mario Strikers: Battle League

2022.06.10 / NS

New work preview for June 2022

“Mario Striker” is a football-themed action game that first appeared on the Nintendo platform in 2005. The first game landed on NGC in 2005, and the second game landed on Wii two years later. After 15 years, the third game in the series “Battle League” Finally reloaded in the NS period.

“Battle League” maintains the basic gameplay of the series, with a futsal look (the goalkeeper is AI-controlled), but these characters from the “Mario” series compete for the ball and send the ball across the goal line, Punching and kicking are omnipotent. Different characters have their own signature fighting skills, and can use unlocked equipment to customize the character’s appearance and strengthen the value; the system also includes many “arch fire mechanisms”. During the game, the sidelines of the court will be blocked by the grid. Sealed, the character will be electrocuted and immobilized when they hit the sideline. In addition, question mark boxes with props similar to “Mario Kart” will occasionally fall into the stadium. After players pick them up, they can use randomly received banana peels, The turtle shell fights back.

This game supports online and offline multiplayer games. You can build your own team and participate in the tournament mode online. Offline, it supports local online connections of up to 8 people (that is, all characters except the goalkeeper are controlled by real people), but there are The media believes that it is a pity that the 8-person “fighting” mode is limited to the local area.

Redout 2 / Redout 2

2022.06.16 / PS4, PS5, Xbox (Smart Distribution), NS, PC

New work preview for June 2022

“Red Vision” comes from the Italian studio 34BigThings. It is an anti-gravity racing game that was influenced by works such as “F-Zero” and “Wipeout”.

The slogan of this work is “the fastest racing game in the universe”, which complements the game name “red vision (the phenomenon where G force causes blood from the lower body to flow to the head)”. The content of this work is relatively simple. After selecting the basic model and customizing the performance according to personal preferences, players can devote themselves to the fast and colorful anti-gravity track, or complete the challenge of racing against AI. According to the official disclosure, There are arena races, time trials, survival matches, boss races, and more, or you can also participate in online multiplayer events with up to 12 players.

Sonic Origins / Sonic Origins

2022.06.23 / PS4, PS5, Xbox (Smart Distribution), NS, PC

New work preview for June 2022

Another high-definition re-engraving album with the name of “Origin”, the “Sonic” series origin work bundle launched by Sega, the picture style is as original as possible, adding a new mode to reduce the difficulty, while adapting larger display size.

The compilation includes four of the earliest titles in the series, Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in 1992, Sonic CD in 1993, and Sonic the Hedgehog in 1992. 1994’s Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, based on Sonic Stadium’s exclusive interview with Sonic producer Takashi Iizuka, in the 2020 Sonic movie After winning more fans for this IP, Sega hopes to attract these new fans to the game, and it is undoubtedly a good thing to let them enter the hole from the origin of the series (at least for Sega).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

2022.06.16 / PS4, X1, NS, PC

New work preview for June 2022

Influenced by the 1987 version of the “Ninja Turtles” animation and the arcade games of the 1990s, the 2D side-scrolling action game has both original animation dubbing and sound, an atmosphere close to the animation, as well as a modern and improved action feel and excellent pixels. Art, the overall appearance is retro and exquisite, but the short game clearance time has caused some regrets.

Players will operate four ninja turtles with different fighting styles and shuttle between various original classic scenes in Manhattan. The main villain leader in this work is Shredder, who appears in the title. This Boss, dressed like a Japanese samurai, appeared in the first Ninja Turtles comics in 1984 and has always been one of the main enemies of the Ninja Turtles. . There are two main game modes: story and arcade. The story mode contains certain RPG growth elements. Players can use the points obtained by passing the level to upgrade their character abilities and switch freely during the process, while the arcade mode is more like an arcade hall. Playing on the frame, you can’t switch roles, no upgrades, and no collectibles in one pass, which is relatively hard-core. As a game of this era, online cooperative customs clearance is not absent, and this game supports a maximum of 6 people to play together, don’t worry, there are only four ninja turtles, you also have martial arts master Splinter, journalist Aipu Lil (April) to choose from.

This work is jointly developed by DotEmu and Tribute Games. According to interviews with the two companies , the former responsible for “Streets of Rage 4” is the earliest designated developer of Nickelodeon, and the latter is the first designated developer of Nickelodeon. It has been calling for “Ninja Turtles” game development opportunities for ten years. There are many senior developers in the team who have rich experience in horizontal version action game development and have quite the plot of “Ninja Turtles”. In the end, DotEmu took the initiative to promote the cooperation between the two. .

AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative

2022.06.24 / PS4, X1, NS, PC

New work preview for June 2022

Produced and distributed by Spike Chunsoft, the latest work of famous producer Kotaro Takoshi, the first sequel to the series. A major feature of the “AI: Dream Archives” series is that players can rely on scientific devices to sneak into other people’s dreams, step into the physical scene through AI avatars, complete some mini-games within 6 minutes, and obtain valuable information .

In this work, Ryuki Okiura, who has accumulated high popularity in the previous work, is used as one of the protagonists, and a new character Ryuki is also added. The two team up to become “dual protagonists” and challenge another case with rich imagination—” “Half Body Serial Murder Case”: That is, the victim’s body that was cut into two halves appeared after a lapse of six years, and the left half of his body, which was discovered six years later, showed no trace of any time left. This unsolved case has been handed over In the hands of Ruixi and Longmu, they need to solve the mystery by talking and reasoning with the help of high-tech artificial eye equipment.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

2022.06.24 / NS

New work preview for June 2022

It was first announced at the Nintendo Direct meeting in February, and will be officially released at the end of this month. It is jointly developed by Omega Force and Team Ninja under Koei Tecmo. It is the second “Fire Emblem” after “Fire Emblem Warriors”. The unparalleled work of the IP continues to maintain the exclusive Nintendo platform like the previous work.

The peerless works that cooperate with other IPs have always been accustomed to adding the characteristic mechanism of the IP works to reconcile the pure “grass mowing”. As the first-generation cooperation product, “Fire Emblem Warriors” not only includes the various generations of the “Fire Emblem” series A large number of characters, and also introduced systems such as battlefield command that reflect the characteristics of “Fire Emblem”. Compared with the first generation of the many characters in the Guangna series, this work has to focus on a lot. As the name suggests, it is the derivative of the latest work of the “Fire Emblem” series, “Fire Emblem: Three Houses”. Important characters from the Knights, the three main academies, and the “Grey Wolf Academy” in the DLC have all appeared in the main work.

The story of this work is inspired by “Feng Hua Xue Yue”, trying to re-interpret the five-year blank period in the main work, but this time the player will not play the protagonist Byleth (Byleth) in the main work, but a A brand new mercenary character named Shez. According to the latest batch of official trailers, Beles and Shaez, who appear as NPCs, have a lot of rivalries, which seem to be closely related to the core of the story of this work. What does their encounter mean? Interested friends can continue to pay attention to this more action-oriented derivative work of “Feng Hua Xue Yue”. Nintendo has provided an experience demo that can inherit the archive to the official version. Welcome to the eShop to download the experience (download code: D3GM33049G6B7P0B).


2022.06.30 / NS, PC

New work preview for June 2022

The ARPG work “Monster Hunter Rise” produced by Capcom is the sixth orthodox sequel to “Monster Hunter” series. A series of new mechanisms, and compared with the previous works, it has more prominently polished the vertical movement ability of hunters, and added the “Wirebugs” mechanism that looks like a “three-dimensional mobile device”, providing multi-step jumping, ability enhancement and other special effects, map , The monster design has vertical improvements.

“Dawn” is a long-awaited large-scale DLC for “Monster Hunter Rise”, with new stories, new characters, new locations, new customization elements, and new mechanisms that can invite NPCs to go hunting, etc. Of course, there are quite a few A new huntable monster that touches the hearts of hunters. In the previous press conference related to “Dawn”, new and old faces came one after another. “Monster Hunter 4G” “Cover Monster” Qianblade Dragon returned, and brand new “kingdom creatures” Jueyin Dragon, Ice Wolf Dragon and Gangwon Beast arrived. In addition to the amount of additional content, players of “Monster Hunter Rise” can easily find that the design theme of the book is actually “Zhefeng”, while “Dawn” has unexpectedly become “medieval style”, especially the cover of the strange Lord Silver The dragon, regardless of its shape or mechanism design, points to the classic “vampire” image. From the interview with the development team by IGN JAPAN , it can be speculated that the producer may want this kind of collision of keynotes, bringing a new wind to the Players who are accustomed to the traditional Japanese style.

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