The company is not for you to learn, but you can learn something in the company

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My cousin graduated recently. I asked him to live with me and learn programming by the way. I hope to take this opportunity to enter the Internet/software industry and get rid of poverty with the help of IT technology.

While mentoring him, I suddenly realized another layer of value in the workplace— letting you learn.

We often say that the company wants to make a profit, so the company is not for you to learn, but for you to work. Therefore, we pay more attention to our level before entering the company. But if you can make good use of the company’s resources, you can indeed learn something in the company.

1. The business provides you with experience

Businesses profit by exploiting you. But at the same time, you gain experience from being exploited, and that experience can help you gain experience and build barriers. The result is a stronger version of yourself that allows you to handle work better and move on to the next company.

2. The company provides you with teachers

In any company, as a newcomer, you have people to learn from. Whether it’s your direct manager, your mentor, or the CEO of the company.

As a newcomer, you can feel free to ask these seniors your questions. From my past experience, most people have the “problem” of “being a good teacher”, so when you ask them questions, they are willing to give some directions for thinking, even direct tell you the answer.

Of course, you will also encounter some people who adhere to the concept of “church the apprentice, starve the master” and are unwilling to teach you. This is also normal. When you encounter such a person, you should stop asking him to ask questions, and choose someone else to ask questions and learn.


Problems of exploitation solved by the bourgeoisie and workers are often brought to the fore. However, as migrant workers, we must not only see the disadvantages of exploitation, but also be aware of the advantages behind them, accept the disadvantages of exploitation calmly, and make good use of the advantages of exploitation.

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