Niulang shop also started full “Spy Play House”

All the staff have turned into Ania’s Cowherd Shop and are walking on the road of Internet celebrity idolization.

Nowadays, to judge the popularity of an animation, it is not enough to just discuss the amount of playback.

The amount of discussion on social media, the popularity of the second creation works, and even the appearance rate of the characters in the avatar frame of the circle of friends can become the weather vane for identifying popular works. If these are not intuitive enough, another historical way must be able to satisfy the visual impact – the Cosers who crashed at Comic-Con.

其中也有非动漫作品的Cos There are also Cos from non-anime works.

As an offline communication place where there are not many two-dimensional fans, people who come into the comic exhibition do not need to worry about any scrutiny even if they wear “exotic clothes”. . So the usual benchmark-level embarrassing scene bumping into shirts is nothing here, and it has even developed into a unique landscape like a yearbook.

It’s just that recently, this spectacle has not only appeared in the comic exhibition, but also appeared in a cowboy club.


FILIA, located in Tokyo, Japan, is a modest Host club in Kabukicho, also known as the Cowherd Shop.

They were not well-known originally, but not long ago they became popular on social media overnight, relying on the theme activity of “Spy Playing Home” in the store. In the event, all the people in their store cosplayed into the popular protagonist Ania in this work. They made “cute” actions in the neon flashing of the club.


However, even if everyone dressed in a uniform, they did not try their best to imitate the character’s movements and restore the character’s charm like the Coser at the comic exhibition, but still loudly called the “Business Call” in the Cowherd shop, highlighting a hundred flowers blooming. . But perhaps it is precisely their differentiated performances in this choking “flower cluster” that became the key to their further success.

做到了单人牛郎蹭《鬼灭之刃》没能达到的效果 Achieved the effect that the single Cowherd rubbing “Ghost Slayer” failed to achieve

On Japan’s Cowherd version of the popular comment website “host X host”, FILIA replaced the photos of its Cowherds with the theme of the event. From these photos alone, we can see the different styles of these cowherds, some are very suitable for women’s clothing, some have tried their best, and some simply give up treatment and go to a funny style.

比如这位 such as this

Especially the No. 14 “Meteor”, when all the other colleagues changed into Cos photos, he was the only one who still appeared in regular clothes and was called “The Lonely Brave” by netizens. It is the uneven painting style of this group of cowherds that gives this strange scene a rich “layer”, which makes people mutter “so weird” after watching it and turn it off, and can’t help but take another look .


But if you want to talk about the most attractive point in this news, it is their Cowherd’s identity that is better than the curious style of COS.

In particular, works of all ages, such as “Spy Playing Home”, which are widely spread, can always attract more attention when they are associated with borderline or even cross-border content, although the price of this popularity is often accompanied by it. objection.

Coser “Silverluri” was also hotly discussed by netizens at the FF39 comic exhibition not long ago because of Ania of “Spy Playing the House”, but the remarks received were much more acrimonious. Because her clothes were too revealing, she was criticized by many people for being out of place, and she was attacked by many fans of the original work.

銀璃Silverluri(左)的造型尺度已到了不得不裁剪图片的程度 Silverluri (left) is so scaled that the image has to be cropped

Another Japanese group “Muscle Gentlemen Group” whose “main business is modelling services and coffee shops”, although it often appears as a fitness expert in publicity, is unavoidable from pictures and words like “touch muscles at will” There are some “misunderstandings”.


In fact, the most out-of-the-box pictures of this group are also some large-scale Cos involving anime themes. With the popularity of these works and the deliberately created “misunderstanding”, they did not hide their desire for curious eyes at all, and then turned them into the traffic they pursued. This does work.


But as far as Niulang’s business is concerned, this kind of packaging of content in the gray area has not stopped in the single field of hunting. The glamorous shell of idolization and Internet celebrity on social media has actually been slowly put on the cowherds.


In addition to FILIA’s homepage on host X host, their traces can be found on various social media.

On Twitter, FILIA resembles an unknown idol group. Although there are not many fans, in addition to their own official account, each member of the team also has their own business account. The official account will post some event promotions, retweet members’ tweets, and there is a lot of interaction between members.

娱乐圈即时感满满 The entertainment industry is full of instant sense

During business breaks, they will send photos of themselves beautifully groomed to give benefits to fans; they will chat with colleagues and complain about a certain leader’s daily life such as “being late again today”; or open up to fans and say “Tomorrow too. Continue to work hard yo” and so on. If it weren’t for a few inseparable club names, almost everyone would forget their Cowherd’s identity.

还有这种我们已很熟悉的“庆贺方式” There is also this “celebration method” that we are already familiar with

And from their YouTube account, it seems to be able to see the shadow of a living area UP master.

In this channel called “Host Children”, there are chat videos of several shop assistants talking on designated topics, ranging from daily life to sharp topics; There are stories about supernatural or edge ball themes; there are also visiting programs that raid the clerk’s dormitory, and there are many curious titles such as “roommates of juniors will bring dog collars”.

Of course, as a “living area blogger”, the cost-effective “XXX challenges” and trick videos will definitely not run. There are also Cowherd’s salary disclosure and their response to the outside world, etc., which can also be found here, but it is still his evasive words.

Host(在上图被机翻为主持人)就是他们对牛郎的称呼 Host (in the picture above was turned into a host by the machine) is their name for the cowherd

If you remove the professions that have been repeatedly emphasized by them, it may be difficult to distinguish them from ordinary Internet celebrity bloggers only from the video theme and these colorful covers, which may be what they want to see.

In the 2019 documentary “Men Selling “Love”, a Niulang shop manager said that their business is similar to before, but the selling point is different. The secrecy of the Cowherd shop in the pre-Internet era was a major feature sought by customers. Now with the exposure of social media, this former selling point is gone, but it has been replaced by a lower threshold and an increase in customers’ “safety”.


Whether it is an idolized business or an Internet celebrity packaging, they are blurring the boundaries between Cowherd and other high-exposure professions, and continue to accumulate this so-called sense of security. reinforcement.

But in another segment of the documentary, a “director” of the Cowherd will bluntly say that meeting customers’ “approval needs” is a compulsory course for them when teaching newcomers, making them feel that they are in There’s a “sense of belonging” here – and that’s where the value of the PR club’s continued high consumption lies.

No matter how you pack it, it’s still business.


Take the FILIA club as an example, no matter how much emphasis is placed on the quality of idols and bloggers, as long as you see their Twitter names, you can play in a second:

“Store sales exceeded 100 million!

‘, followed by the club’s name.

From the way this “men’s team” ranks coffee positions, it is easy to see the principle of performance first. Here, regardless of appearance, height, or works, the only indicator is the monthly turnover, and the person who makes the most money can become the “President” of the month. “Bills see winners and losers, money is everything”, ranking by seniority has become ranking by money, and strange positions such as representative, director and deputy director also come from this.


According to these various levels, in addition to being responsible for picking up customers, the cowherds will also be assigned a more detailed division of labor such as management, training and discipline. In a grand event (with the money in place), there were those who stood at the door and bowed and were responsible for ushering in and sending them, and those who were responsible for shouting to Mai and reciting the Rap-style welcome speech, and even the ceremony of pouring champagne on the champagne tower. The cowherd who played “champagne CALL”.

除了右一的顾客和右二的接客牛郎,其他全是气氛组 Except for the customer on the first right and the pick-up cowherd on the second right, the others are all atmosphere groups

In an industry with such extreme industry segmentation, how to make money is their primary consideration, and whether it is legal or not is secondary. So although the Japanese cowherd industry has been promoting their legalization and formalization, it is still difficult to hide the dirtyness of this big banner. Only on the side that can be recorded by the camera, we can see a lot of clues.

In programs such as “Moonlight Night Weiyang” and “Details of Giving”, we can see many Cowherds complaining to reporters in front of customers, how difficult their life is, and it is this female customer who often comes to talk to give him the motivation to live Yunyun, then clink glasses with each other, and drink champagne worth tens of thousands of yen without hesitation.

In “The Men Who Sell “Love”, a cowherd director said earnestly to the newcomer, even if he communicates with more than a dozen guests at the same time, he must keep his spirits up. Back in seconds. Everything in the picture teaches them that stirring the drink clockwise is a sign of impatience, and counterclockwise can only be a psychological hint of gentleness and patience.

认真做笔记的好学牛郎 A studious cowherd who takes notes seriously

Putting together words such as psychological suggestion, creating a human design, and creating a sense of need, it is hard not to remind people of the mental brainwashing of women when everyone shouted PUA a few years ago. And the “professional sense” of being open 24 hours a day and replying to news at any time, it is not difficult to think of the slaughtering pig scam that often appears in the legal channel.

The regular customers of these Cowherd shops may actually know that these words are routines, but once they are deeply involved, they will still value these consumptions from the perspective of Cowherd: “Although it is very expensive, his career has also improved. I’m going to be the director.” Thinking that the real money he spent made the other party “grow up” and saved them who were struggling in life.

When the reporters of the aforementioned program interviewed two loyal customers, what would they do if the cowherd they had been patronizing would one day retire, they both received the extreme answer of “either I die or he died”. Therefore, the other side of these horses may only be able to give us a glimpse of social news.

Imai Monroe, a former Japanese snowboarder, went to the Cowherd shop for comfort after losing the game and fell into a quagmire, and finally got involved in the adult film industry to make quick money; it was revealed that the second generation star Anri Sakaguchi was also addicted to the Cowherd shop, squandering all his family property and could only go to the sea Make quick money. In these news, they all have an unclear private life relationship with Cowherd, and even going to the sea to make a film is inseparable from their matchmaking.


In the most famous “Phoenix Incident” in the Niulang world, after the actor Liu Yue established a relationship with the other party and lived together, he still maintained contact and relationship with many customers. But even after the incident, he still didn’t care, and finally was stabbed in the abdomen by the other party on the grounds that he “loves him too much”, and fell in front of the apartment where they lived together.

A month later, the Cowherd has recovered from injury, resumed business, and started a new wave of marketing with the new stage name of “Phoenix” and this vicious incident as a gimmick – this is probably the Cowherd industry. Fate.


The effect of going out of the circle

On, the FILIA Club’s bloodless activity this time, its influence has not lost the “Phoenix Incident”.

The FILIA club, which could only be regarded as a mid-range club, got on the homepage of host X host by virtue of this wave of marketing. In the website’s attention rankings, various Anias also squeezed other cowboys who dominated the list.


In one of the Cowherd’s personal tweets, he also found out that this incident is hot in China. Although his accompanying text said “sad news”, judging from the last series of “hahaha”, this is the result they are happy to see. However, Ania’s cuteness itself may not be an important thing for Cowherds.


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