Obedience is a chronic disease|Ten Days of Lockdown and Control

“There are always more obedient than opposed”


On June 10, the community where editor-in-chief Wu Qi lives was blocked. Now this scene can happen to anyone at any time.
On June 21, he was free, and he was not too happy. Everyone knows that everyone’s freedom has a floating range, and “regain” means to rise a little from a lower place. On the day when the notice was lifted, the informant posted a loving emoji in the community group, and the neighbors responded with thumbs up. He wrote, “There will always be more obedience than disapproval, and it is only by being tested by life and power that you will know which one you will be.”
The following are a few photos and written records he left behind during this blockade.




When I went home on the evening of the 10th, I found that the door was surrounded by police cars, ambulances, and trucks. I knew it was not good. That feeling is not panic, but even more absurd, like being forced into a farce, and can only cooperate with performances, so it is mixed with funny, calm, and even a little bit of sacrificial hallucinations.




The initial anxiety mainly comes from the lack of information. In an emergency, what people need most is information. However, the actual situation is completely the opposite. The grass-roots staff do not provide any information, nor do they provide any interface to communicate with residents and the public. As long as you ask questions in the group, you may also be accused by others of disturbing the order. At the same time, the news is still constantly making words, trying to use those abstract and empty words to summarize and offset all of this.




There is no room for a 10-day seal determined by an official document. Chinese people are probably more used to this kind of “secret judgment”, and there are not many ways to question it. It is also related to always being placed in this meaningless information vacuum, which first constitutes a kind of suppression or contempt, and cancels the premise of human beings. The funny thing is that the first trigger that emerges is the desire to shop. In order to try to prove their existence, getting some mechanical responses in the information and logistics network seems to be the only power left by modern society.



‍Almost not staying at home. At first, I could walk as far as possible to the middle of the community to fetch water (accompanied by a security guard), but later I could only walk at the door of the building to take out the garbage, so I regarded the short period of time when I went downstairs to do nucleic acid as the only one. public life. I started to get to know my neighbors, I would say a word or two to anyone I met, and listen to what others were talking about with my ears open. I learned that the security guards wearing disposable blue raincoats downstairs were temporarily pulled from other places, and they were estimated to be managed by outsourcing companies. I also asked three questions. They completely squatted at the door of the unit, and at night they spread out mats in the corner to sleep in turns. Once, one of them helped me fetch water, and said politely, “I’ll fetch water for you, brother”, then turned around and mumbled to the other security guard, “Look at him.”




I have to tell myself to calm down at some moments and concentrate on killing time. Watch for changes in some corners of the home, but frankly, these tricks don’t offer much comfort in these chaotic times.




I read the news that there was another case in the community, but I had no way of knowing whether it was a new discovery or has been quarantined, mainly because I was worried that the lockdown would be prolonged because of this, so the neighbors began to inquire in the group again. They are all reasonable questions, and the tone is very gentle, and still no one cares. Everyone continues to live in the hood. At the same time, I saw that the local news has begun to praise the community management in this area, and it has deep humanistic care. Not only did it set up a WeChat group in time to respond to everyone’s demands, but also sent vegetables. The bad result of not having information is a lie in its place.



Indeed find some ways to face this “disguised punishment”. But the calmer it is, the more fake it feels. How should I put it, it’s like doing yoga in a prison. It’s always a bit self-deceiving. Therefore, whether it is listening to the neighbor’s chat downstairs or continuing to speak on the Internet, I feel that as long as it is a sincere complaint, it has the meaning of resistance – courage requires a lot of acquired learning and mobilization, otherwise it will only fall asleep. In one’s own body, transformed into something else.



I went downstairs to find the courier. This time, the security guard changed. He even took the initiative to talk to me, asked me which room I was in, and quickly told me the location of the courier. It seems to be the first effective communication with the outside world during the lockdown. There is still hope for communication now. It also confirms again that no matter how distorted the policy is, no matter what position, there are still differences between people and people.




From the stairwell window it might be possible to climb up to the patio at the back door and jump off the wall, finding the route early on on the balcony. It would be unimaginable to extend the lockdown to one or two months. Through this personal experience, I am full of sentimentality and respect for the experiences of people in Shanghai, Jilin, Yunnan and other places.



Towards the end of the farce, a condolence package was suddenly sent to each household, which contained braised chicken, oranges and apples, like the Last Supper. Going downstairs to do nucleic acid, I found that the registered list was still wrong, so I could only laugh it off. Faced with the question of when to unblock, there is still no answer. After the complaint, I finally waited 10 days for the only reply other than the official document, followed by three flashes of love. The group soon began to sing praises of virtue, and they responded with thumbs up. There are always more people who obey than those who oppose. Only after being tested by life and power can you know which one you will be.



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