“Office during the day, takeaway at night”

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Text/Li Qiuhan, Zou Shuai, Wang Min, Tang Yahua

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“Office building during the day, takeaway at night”, “CBD during the week, waiter on the weekend”…

White-collar workers who work in big cities often fall into anxiety because of the fast pace of work and the high pressure of work. Therefore, a group of people tried part-time jobs that were closer to physical work besides their own jobs, such as becoming a delivery driver, an online car-hailing driver, a supermarket cashier, a cafe clerk… They started their side jobs, not just for an extra job Income is more for “changing brains”, gaining emotional value, and going back to sleep well at night.

Shen Ran chatted with several professionals who tried this kind of part-time part-time job as an amateur about their experiences. Among them, some people work as medical and aesthetic consultations, and in their spare time, they do scattered tasks such as event assistance, bar atmosphere group, etc., to obtain happiness in low-difficulty work without KPIs, and to understand the difficulty of work better; some part-time jobs Experienced food delivery and received a lot of goodwill as a female rider.

Some people find it difficult to get positive feedback because of their complicated work and many links are involved. They can regain some sense of control over their life by becoming a dance teacher; some people help people in the community to replace express delivery and takeaway while working from home. A chance to take a break from busy work.

In their opinion, after their own work consumes too much energy, part-time work is not for the sole purpose of making money, it is a new way to experience freedom and build confidence. The following is their story.

Assisting in activities, serving as a waiter, being an atmosphere group, no OKR, no 996, no “slang”…

Zhang Tao | 27-year-old Chengdu medical beauty consultation

My main business is to do medical and aesthetic consulting, and I have been engaged in it for 6 years. This job is very stressful, and it is necessary to answer customers before, during and after surgery, and provide them with accompanying services. The comfort cycle is long, the energy consumption is high, and the performance pressure is even greater. I get real anxiety and fear when there are no clients to make an appointment with. Most of our colleagues suffer from insomnia, anxiety, and hair loss.

When I was in college in 2014, I worked part-time to make money, and I was exposed to a lot of marketing activities. I liked such activities very much. Not only can I meet more people, get more experience, but also make money. I still insist on doing it after work.

What I do the most is event assistance. Some large-scale events, such as comic exhibitions and parties, require a large number of staff to be responsible for ticket checking, guidance, and interaction. This kind of part-time job is often not determined in advance, and which position is assigned to which position.

In addition, I have worked as a restaurant waiter, bar atmosphere group, hourly worker, extras, etc. Recently, I have also considered being a chauffeur, but the chauffeur is relatively troublesome. In order not to affect the main business, I need to apply for a separate mobile phone card as a work machine.

In short, the work I do is relatively scattered, mainly serving part-time jobs.

I usually get information about part-time jobs through channels such as Douban, WeChat public account, and Moments. When you go there once and get to know some part-time workers, they will provide a lot of information channels for part-time jobs. Of course, you also need to distinguish between true and false.

In my opinion, these part-time jobs are very decompressing. Don’t label others, don’t limit yourself, you can wander in different fields.

For example, the most important thing when doing activity assistance is to be on time. It is the first time to go to a place where you are not familiar with the road. When your mobile phone is out of power, and the network is not good, you cannot open the nucleic acid QR code, which will make things very troublesome.

Part-time activities recently attended by Tao Zhang Source / provided by the interviewee Part-time activities recently attended by Tao Zhang Source/ Provided by respondents

Recently, I participated in an e-commerce event. The main task was to guide tourists and audiences to enter the venue, redeem tickets for the media, and check whether the tickets are valid. Under the sun, I was hot, thirsty and tired, and after a day I felt that my legs were not my own.

This kind of part-time job is physically tiring, but psychologically satisfying and happy. Because what is to be done is certain, and the results are visible. You know how long you have to work and how much you can get paid. This kind of work has low difficulty, no KPI, no OKR, no 996, no underlying logic, no work skills, and they are all sincerely waiting.

Zhang Tao’s dialogue with his employer at checkout, this affirmation makes him very happy Source / Respondent provided

My happiest moment is when I work hard, get the recognition and trust of my employer, and get paid. Gaining trust and building confidence is more important to me than anything else, so I feel very happy.

Another insight is that only after suffering physically and being squeezed to the limit can you understand that no job is easy, and you will cherish the hard-won job opportunities more, reduce complaints, and allow yourself to delay gratification.

The purpose of a part-time job can be to make more money, to expand business, or to experience life. Only by participating in it and actually doing it will you know how it feels. We are all ordinary people, and I am just living a serious life and living a warm life.

There are too many distractions in my job, so I can find a sense of control as a part-time dance teacher

Elsa | 24 years old Shanghai short video industry

I do work related to short videos. The daily working hours are relatively flexible. I go to work at noon, and I can get off work at 7 o’clock if I don’t work overtime. However, flexibility also means that there will be occasional situations, which are not regular. For example, some shootings will be late, and they can only get off work in the early morning, or occupy weekends. This happens once or twice a month.

Aside from going out and filming and setting scenes, my job is basically to sit, write scripts, cut videos, and watch films. The pressure is not too great, but my work is relatively complicated. The implementation of a project involves the needs of all parties, and the communication cost is relatively high. Sometimes I am caught between the KPIs given by the company and the ideas of the experts, which will cause some trouble. thing.

Part-time as a hip-hop teacher, part of the reason is that I want to do things that I can control, that is, things that really belong to me. When I was in college, I danced in the school club, and also taught lessons in the dance room of the seniors and sisters. When I came to Shanghai after graduation, I was still studying outside because I liked dancing. At the end of last year, a dancing partner pulled me into a group of part-time hip-hop teachers in Shanghai. After two years, I started teaching classes again.

At first, I went to class on weekday evenings. There are 5 working days a week. I have two days of teaching classes, two days to study by myself, and one day of rest. During that time, I basically spend time in the dance room after get off work. Now, because of the change of work and residence, I have adjusted the rhythm. I don’t go on weekdays, and only have 2-4 classes on weekends.

Making money is secondary, mainly because I want to urge myself to continue dancing and make progress by taking lessons. Part-time work is too tiring. If you just go to study, you may often give yourself reasons to fish. But if you have a class, you not only have to go to class every week, but also prepare for class. point more. Taking a class is faster than going to learn dancing, because every class has to consolidate the basic skills.

Compared with my own job, what makes me happiest as a hip-hop teacher is getting a lot of positive feedback. Sometimes students may just say “Teacher, is it your class next time?” “I have an appointment for your class next week”, which will give me great healing and make me feel that I am really doing something meaningful. , recognized by others. Dancing is pure, dance well is good, praise is praise. My job is relatively complex, involving many links, and I have to connect with many people every day. I may have a sense of accomplishment in one link, and there are a lot of bad things in the next link. It is difficult to find pure positive feedback.

I’m an unstoppable person, my friends think I’m like a spinning top, but I really enjoy it. Once I worked overtime on Saturday at my current job, but I still had a class to attend. At that time, I was too busy to find a substitute, so I took a taxi during the lunch break and came back after class to continue working overtime.

In addition to this extreme situation, the balance between the main and part-time jobs is still very good, and there are colleagues who came to my class on purpose. I don’t think dancing is completely physical work, but it’s purer, and I’m the only person who has to take responsibility. It allows me to get away from the clutter of my job and see myself truly sense of value.

Helping people take out takeout in the community, other people’s orders gave me the opportunity to “escape” from work

Liang Bo | 29-year-old Beijing Internet practitioner

About three months ago, due to the epidemic, our company started working from home. At that time, our community also adjusted the control measures. Express delivery and takeaway delivery were not allowed to enter the community, but could only be delivered to the gate of the community. Our community is an old community and there is no elevator. If you have to go to the gate of the community to pick it up, you have to climb the stairs every time you come and go, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

I lived in a family building of a university for a while before. At that time, I noticed that in some mutual aid and exchange groups in the university, there were often people paying someone to pick up the courier. When I was busy, I would also find someone to help me. I have had previous experience. This time, when the community strengthened control, I was thinking that there should be many people who need to deliver takeaway to their doorsteps. I can also create a small group to receive orders for takeout and express delivery. .

My own job is related to creative planning, which is very stressful. Strictly speaking, there is no clear distinction between commuting and get off work, especially when I work from home, I do not need to go to the company, and I have less sense of boundaries. , or just sitting in front of a computer looking for inspiration.

Replacing couriers and takeaways for people in the community will definitely not make much money, but I think I can increase the amount of exercise when I climb the stairs and exercise. More importantly, I can also change my mind and “comfort” myself that I am working in another form, and I can add an egg to breakfast tomorrow after running this order.

So, I first advertised in our community group, and then printed out a few leaflets and pasted them in the takeaway cabinets, express cabinets, and direct drinking water stations in the community, where there are relatively dense crowds. Small items are 3 yuan, medium items are 5 yuan, Large items are 8 yuan. After the first afternoon of the advertisements, I didn’t care anymore, thinking about letting the business fend for itself.

At the beginning, there was really no splash, but the next day, people came to the door sporadically, hoping that I could help to pick up the express delivery and takeaway. The demand is not large, there are only one or two orders a day, and at most, there are seven or eight trips a day.

Negotiate with customers to take express delivery Source / Photo courtesy of the interviewee Negotiate with the customer to replace the source of express delivery / Photo courtesy of the interviewee

The person who came to me to take it was either because he was too busy or too tired to go downstairs for a trip, or because the load was too heavy and it was too difficult to carry it back by himself. I once delivered an express delivery that weighed more than ten pounds and climbed six floors on my back. When I went back upstairs to my house, my clothes were soaked through.

It’s tiring before and after running in the community, but every time someone places an order, for me, it’s like getting a reason to escape, and can take a breath from the current work. When working from home, it is easy for a person to fall into a depression at home. But the small attempt to replace takeaway express gave me a reason and opportunity to go out, and it also made me look forward to waking up every day.

However, after about 20 days, our company stopped working from home, and soon the community also allowed takeaway couriers to enter. In less than a month, the business came to an end.

My main job is mental work every day, and occasionally I do some purely physical work, and my heart is still very satisfied. I’ve been thinking recently that I can see if there are suitable hourly workers on weekends, so that I can stay at home less, and use the opportunity of “work” to meet more different people.

Ride a battery car to deliver food and experience the rare ease and freedom of accounting work

Tuanzi | 30 years old accountant in Changzhou, Jiangsu

I studied financial management in college, and my job is accounting. I have been in this position for more than four years. The characteristic of this job is that it is cumbersome, so pay special attention to the numbers, because the tickets must match, even if there is a difference of one cent, it must be matched, and the daily work is more brain-consuming. In a city like ours, the monthly income is three or four thousand yuan, and the pressure is still quite large.

At the beginning of this year, I wanted to do a part-time part-time job of physical strength, which can let my brain escape from the stressful state for a short time, and I can also experience different industries and life, and make some money.

Later, I saw someone on the Internet saying that I can deliver food part-time. I happen to have a battery car myself, and I also like riding a battery car. It was also spring, and the weather was just right, so I registered as a takeaway rider.

During the May Day holiday, I always take orders in the afternoon and evening. After the holiday ends, I start taking orders at about 5:30 after get off work, and continue to deliver them after eating in the middle. Because I am a novice, most of the orders I receive are within a distance of one or two kilometers, and I don’t dare to take more drop-in orders. I take more than a dozen orders a day and earn fifty or sixty dollars.

Later, because of the previous experience, I needed to pay a security deposit and apply for a health certificate. I only did this part-time job for less than 10 days and earned a few hundred dollars.

During the process, I received a lot of kindness, and I think everyone’s tolerance to the delivery staff is quite high. For example, the community is not allowed to enter and needs to be taken out. Most people say yes, and the security of the community will also help me guide the way. Another time was an order that needed to climb stairs. After the call, the other party heard that I was a lady and asked her husband to come down to pick it up. Finally, we met in the middle of the stairs, and I gave him the takeaway.

After the takeout was delivered, everyone’s first reaction when they saw me was surprise. Many people would ask, “Why do you deliver takeout?” Some people told me, “There are not so many girls like you who can endure hardship.” Most people They will tell me to ride carefully and pay attention to safety.

This part-time job not only allowed me to decompress from the tedious work, but also gained a different life experience. On the whole, I think it’s pretty easy, and I don’t need to be mentally stressed. The wind was blowing on my face while riding an electric bike, and it felt very comfortable, which made me experience a sense of freedom rarely seen in accounting work.

However, I think that because it is a part-time job, I did not take orders desperately to make money, and it is not easy to make mistakes with small orders, and the experience is very good. Therefore, I think that if the mental workers do part-time physical work, if the purpose is to make money, they may still be under a lot of pressure.

Part-time work is also the traffic password of many social platforms. During my part-time food delivery, I received a lot of likes and comments on social media, and I gained some attention and fans.

In the case of ensuring my own safety, I think it is good to do some part-time physical work. If there is a suitable time in the future, I will try again.

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