One red heart, three-handed preparation, based on image (img)/SCSS (style)/SVG animation to achieve dynamic like button special effects

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Gorgeous and cool animation special effects can always make people feel relaxed and happy, and can’t help themselves. In addition to envy, if you can also explore the realization logic under its gorgeous appearance, it will be a success and a step forward. This time we use images, SCSS styles, and SVG image animations to animate the “Like” button, and compare the differences. The easiest and easiest way to implement images is to use images. Once upon a time, almost all front-end special effects needed to be done with the help of pictures. The implementation principle is very simple. A complete animation film is “spliced” through different key frames, and each frame is the “state” of each moment of the animation. First declare the necessary box model: <divclass=”heart”></div> Here, take div as an example, declare the pseudo-class object he…

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