PHICOMM K2P flashed into Breed and flashed firmware

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In the past few days, I have nothing to do to find the Phicom k2p router that used to be wool. It has been eating ashes for many years. Thinking that the WiFi signal in the study is not very strong, I swiped the machine and put it in the second bedroom. The gigabit network at home is unsatisfactory, but it is enough.

leave the brush method

Supported Versions

Official firmware version:
K1: V22.4.XX.XX
K1S: V22.3.XX.XX
K2: V22.2.XX.XX
K2P: V22.8.5.189 V22.10.2.24
(The V21.4.6.12 version needs to be upgraded to the above version)
(versions below V21.4.6.12 need to be upgraded to V21.4.6.12 first)

K2p: Official version V22.8.5.189
Green and compact, no need for networking, no firewall or administrator rights to open the routing management page, both wired and wireless connections can file MD5 multi-authentication, absolutely safe and compatible with many versions…

Flash into Breed

Download the helper tool and unzip all files to any directory.

Double-click to run the flash machine.bat and enter the IP and password of the router as prompted. If it is the default, press Enter directly.
(For new or factory reset routes that have not been set, press Enter and follow the prompts to configure the route)

Waiting for the router to restart, the browser will open the router page in about 1 minute. If the automatic login is successful or the manual upgrade page changes, it means that the breed is successful.
(Admin password:

Then enter: Advanced Settings -> System Settings -> Manual Upgrade -> Download Backup EEPROM (it is a compressed package).


Flash third-party firmware

ASUS padavan (wilderness without lights)
method 1:
Advanced Settings—> System Settings—> Manual Upgrade—> Browse—> Select the firmware you downloaded—> Click to upgrade.
(The inaccuracy of the web page flashing progress bar can be ignored. The process of firmware writing, restarting, and initializing the first boot actually takes 3-5 minutes. Don’t worry, if the firmware is not compatible, you need to manually re-brush the breed)

Method 2:
Manually enter the breed brush

Unplug the network cable of the routing WAN port to avoid IP conflicts, connect the computer network cable to the routing LAN port, and set the computer network card to automatically obtain IP
Power off the router for 3 seconds—> press and hold the reset button and don’t let go—> insert the power supply—> release the reset button after waiting for 5 seconds—> enter in the browser—> firmware update—> select the firmware to flash.
(If the webpage is wrong, it means that the WAN port IP conflict or the browser cache has not been cleared)
(Flash memory layout: most of the K2 firmware is 0x50000, the official firmware after V22.5.XX.XX chooses 0xA0000, the firmware cannot be unified, if it does not start, change to another layout and re-flash)

Firmware & Other Links

ASUS padavan (hiboy):
ASUS padavan (wild without lights):
PHICOMM K2 official firmware customized version:
Tomato Phoenix:
PandoraBox Pandora:
Tomato DualWAN (Broadband):

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