Otaku goddess Wang Yuchun photo HD wallpaper download (346Vol/19419P), the exclusive and most complete collection of the whole network

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Wang Yuchun, former name: Wang Yuchun, date of birth: 1992-11-17; Height: 170 cm; Measurements: B89 W64 H90; Occupation: Model; popular model in mainland China, push girl, with jade-like muscles, moving ups and downs, sweet white smile dazzling. From the VOL.035 set of “Polo Club”, it was renamed: Wang Yuchun; it became popular on the Internet because of the shooting of a large-scale photo album on the push girl. Wang Yuchun has taken many photos, including seductive photos of private houses, seductive photos, beautiful breasts and hips, and beach bikinis. At the same time, the temptation of uniforms and black silk legs are also common sexy elements in many photo works. Currently working as a host on a live broadcast platform.

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