Partner Cloud – True 0 code, build a multi-person collaboration tool for warehouse after-sales tasks in 15 minutes

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Here’s the thing. A few days ago, @SONSAN raised a new question in the question channel : Is there a collaborative tool with only task modules? And it just so happens that Qing Xiao Frog is tossing around the 0-code tool partner cloud , and he has never figured out how to try it. If the question is delivered to your door, then try it. @Appinn

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具

Approximate process

@SONSAN’s question is probably as follows: “There are many after-sales parts in e-commerce companies, and the types of after-sales parts are: epidemic-stopped, customer-rejected, returned, and clueless. Because sales and warehouses are not available The same place, so some parts need to be sold to deal with after-sales parts. But whether it is QQ or WeChat, there is no task mode for these, which can let the corresponding sales help coordinate and solve intuitively. I have seen a lot of collaboration tools and integrated comparisons. There are too many, it’s messy to look at, and I hope to find a collaborative tool that only has a task module.”

In a flow chart, it looks like this:


Well, we first need a table.

Partner Cloud Form

Enter the partner cloud background, first create a blank workspace, then select the form in the left column, and create a new form called return statistics:


The table content is all the content that needs to be recorded, including the photographing mentioned in the requirements.

In addition, you need to set the properties of each column. In this example, the green frog has set:

  • Express face sheet / content (type picture)
  • Inbound time (default is inbound time)
  • Return classification (option, manual selection of warehouse management)
  • Expiration date (default is 7 days after in-stock)
  • task pick up
  • Is it over
  • Claimant (autocomplete)


Once the table is set up, it’s time to start designing the entire task panel.

dash board

The dashboard of the partner cloud is the place for after-sales and warehouse management personnel to operate in the future, so we need to set up two dashboards for warehouse personnel and sales.



Let’s clarify the requirements of the warehouse again:

  1. Take photos and put them into storage
  2. Master the number of in-stock
  3. Master the number of unreceived/received tasks
  4. Keep track of open/completed quantities
  5. know who the recipient is

First enter the workspace background in the lower left corner of the interface:

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 1

Start to create the dashboard, the warehouse dashboard is designed as shown below, through the data component of the partner cloud:

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 2

Add the required sections to the warehouse dashboard.

The upper left is the shortcut component in the data component, point to the data creation page where the form has just been created, and drag a suitable size, this will be the button for entering data in the future, click to start filling in the form.

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 3

The upper right is the statistical data, add a multi-statistical component, and put the required data on it. Here, only counting is needed, so different filter lines are selected to display the number of inbound warehouses, the number of tasks received, etc. on the dashboard. information:

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 4

At the bottom of the warehouse dashboard, put a complete table in case you need it.

In the data component, adding a table list can embed the complete table into the dashboard. Of course, we can also display what we want as needed. The final warehouse dashboard looks like this:

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 5

After manually adjusting the table content, the statistics above will also be updated in real time.

After sales

After-sales requirements are as follows:

  1. Master the number of unclaimed and received tasks
  2. Master the number of unfinished and completed tasks
  3. Claim the task

You only need to add three data components, multiple statistics and table lists , and set the display content according to your needs. Partner Cloud can also be set to display different content based on people with different permissions:

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 6

Dashboard setup is complete.


We also need an after-sales service to claim a task and automatically mark the claimant’s operation, still in the background of the workspace , enter Automation, and create a new automation. There are three types of automation to choose from:

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 7

What we need is to automatically add the claimant, select the trigger , then select the table (we only have one table), give the trigger a name, select a type: after modifying the data

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 8

Since we need after-sales personnel to receive tasks, modify the content of the task receiving field in the form to have received tasks , so set the trigger conditions:

{current data.task claim-new value} = {C:return statistics.task claim.task received}

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 9

You can choose it directly, you don’t need to write your own code.

Then execute: Modify existing data: The claimant is the current operator.

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 10

Save and test it.

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 11

Just go to the after-sales dashboard , click on the task that has been claimed, and the claimant below will automatically appear Appinn, that is, the automation is set up successfully.

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 12

Set up navigation (end-use interface)

The final interface for warehouse staff and sales staff only provides these two dashboards, so we also need to set up a customer portal , which is also in the

Workspace backend :

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 13

Here you can set the style, LOGO, description text, buttons, etc. of the portal, and most importantly, add the two dashboards you just created in the functional navigation :

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 14

Save and you’re good to go.

final effect

You will eventually get an access address, open this address, and after logging in, you can see:

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 15

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 16

Then cooperate with the permissions, set the warehouse staff to only see the warehouse, and the sales staff to only see the after-sales service, and the whole setting is completed.

As the boss, you can view the overall situation in the background and make great plans.

Wait, why is the boss doing this?

Other functions

Warehouse after-sales collaboration only uses a small part of the functions of the partner cloud. The functions of the partner cloud platform are like encapsulated modules. We only need to drag and drop to form a set of tools that truly meet our business needs. Thousands of people.

If you feel that it is difficult to get started at the beginning, don’t worry, the partner cloud application market has also prepared templates for people in various industries, so you don’t need to build them yourself. All kinds of information, automated processes, and visual dashboards have been built. In addition to downloading and using, you can also It is very considerate to be able to personalize the template. If you want to try to get started, there are detailed tutorials in the Help Center of the Partner Cloud official website.

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 17

If your team is less than 20 accounts, then congratulations, you can enjoy free prostitution with this software.

Scan code registration experience ( click the link to go directly ):

伙伴云 - 真 0 代码,用 15 分钟搭建仓库售后任务多人协同工具 18

You can also receive an Excel visualization package.

Limit experience, pay close attention to prostitution.

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