PayPal Full Solution Tutorial (4): PP+Xoom: Remittance to China and other places [2022 PPUS limited free fee, free remittance to China UnionPay card]

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Xoom is a sub-service of PayPal, which mainly provides cross-border remittance services (remittance to bank cards, bank accounts, not PP accounts, and does not need to be my own account/card)

Of course, it inherits the same high fees as PP, but it seems that XOOM has a lower cost in terms of the loss of withdrawing PP balance in some cases.

In the personal version of PayPal US, XOOM remittance has been integrated after testing (in the PP panel), and other regions can open XOOM’s official website for remittance.

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special event

At present, before 20221231, there is a special event, that is, PP(US) individual customers can participate in the fee-free remittance event [but it does not feel so simple]


However, looking at the terms means that you can only play once, and the requirement is a US personal account.

Regions and bugs

I log in to my PP US business account (personal name) in the PayPal App, and I can use XOOM to remit money at first, but after I submit a remittance, I can’t use the relevant functions in the PP App, or even view the one in the record. No details.


Also gave me this url

“As Xoom’s services are for personal use, if your PayPal business account is classified as a business entity, you will need to log in with your PayPal personal account, or sign up for a new account to resume using Xoom. This will not affect your business as usual. The same ability to use a PayPal business account separate from Xoom. When you first log into Xoom with your PayPal credentials, a personal Xoom account will be created in your name in accordance with the Xoom User Agreement.”

But in fact, you can log in directly at with PP association. It seems that no problem is found. At least preview and viewing are possible, and the payment is not affected.


At present, the cause of this bug cannot be determined, and whether commercial PP can register XOOM (I did not see the built-in button in CN Personal Edition and UK Enterprise Edition, but I did not try to use these to log in to XOOM).

It seems that XOOM cannot be registered directly. According to the information on the registration page, select the newly registered PP to register XOOM, and it can be found that there is no China or Hong Kong, but there are the United States and the United Kingdom.

But I don’t know if it is only the PP in these areas to register XOOM, or what restrictions, these depend on their own operations.

payment method

XOOM remittance supports 4 payment methods in the United States, PP balance, bank account, debit card, and credit card. The merchant name is XOOM, which will be regarded as Cash Advance (cash withdrawal, cash equivalent), and it is estimated to be similar in other regions. The default for using the card is an additional 3% handling fee, but sometimes the activity will be waived.


Then, since the credit card channel is generally regarded as Cash Advance, the cards that do not support CA (such as Apple Card, mainland cards are prohibited from consumption by CA merchants in principle) such as Curve are directly rejected.


Then according to foreigners , CapitalOne is indeed regarded as CA, not only does not have cash back, but also charges CA fees and interest

exchange rate

Taking today’s actual combat as an example, a variety of exchange rates are displayed, one is 6.6493 displayed in the state of no login (compared to the loss of 1.81% in the settlement price of Bank of China)

One is that the exchange rate after the activity is reduced and exempted is 6.7514 (compared to the loss of 0.3% in the foreign exchange settlement price of Bank of China, considering that the exchange rate fluctuates greatly this week, it should be equivalent to the real-time exchange rate)


actual combat

Log in to your account in the PayPal App and find Send to Bank Account or Card


The choice of these two seems to be the same. After entering and choosing mainland China, there is only the UnionPay card option. The banks that can be selected are mainly large banks, such as the mainstream banks of China Industrial and Agricultural Construction, Posts, Guangjiao, Puwa, etc.


Then there is very little information required, the other party’s UnionPay debit card number (16/19 digits), name pinyin, and +86 mobile phone number (I don’t know if it should be the same as the bank reserved)


Then there is the payment method. I found that I need to enter an additional security code, and there is no option for a Discover credit card, which means that this thing probably does not support the Discover card. It is estimated that it can only be a VM card.

Since my PPUS is not bound to a debit card, one of the credit cards may be rejected and one may be a CA, so I can only choose the Bank Account, which is the Saving account of C1.


Then fill in the auxiliary information, need the reason and relationship, and then I remember that I also need to choose a sender address, it seems that there is no screenshot.


Then there is an overview


Then quickly told me that I was delayed by Hold, because it takes time for banks to pull funds, which is also the main problem of most remittance platforms involving the United States: swiping cards is expensive, and pulling accounts is slow.


Use XOOM to recharge phone bills

Available in PP App and Xoom official website


Appears to retain exchange rates and payment method fees

The official website says it supports the three major operators (Telecom Unicom Mobile)


However, considering this price, it is about a loss of 2%, which is not as good as JD.

XOOM official website remittance price reference




If the upper limit of a single transaction is less than 3000USD, and the amount is less than 1000USD, an additional fee of 4.99USD will be charged, and the exchange rate will lose about 1.5~2%.


When using PP balance and bank account remittance, this method is still a small loss. If there is an activity, it is not a big loss.

WISE loses about 1% when using balance remittance. Revolut remits US dollars without damage, other international wire transfers actually lose a lot, and other platforms for remittance to UnionPay, Alipay and WeChat are basically inferior to WISE.

If your bank account cannot initiate ACH Push to WISE, nor can it be pulled by WISE, or you have problems with swiping your debit card, WISE is blocked, etc., or you have a bank account/debit card/credit card bound to PP (especially It is US, UK personal version) or if you have a PP balance but it is difficult to withdraw, you can use this method to realize the escape of funds from the black hole of PP.

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