Github Action unblocking follow-up: contact customer service and engineering staff again after 13 months to fix the problem of unblocking failure

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Github Action 解封后续:时隔13个月再次联系客服和工程人员修复解封失败的问题


As early as 13 months ago in July 2021, I sent a question about unblocking GitHub Action with GitHub customer service. At that time, the customer service explained that the block was unblocked: “I’ve reinstated them for the BlueSkyXN account”.

For the specific process, please refer to (20210430-20210712)

At that time, I tested it with a template in a warehouse, and found that the yellow mark was ignored. The picture taken in July 2021 is as follows


But when I use GitHub Action later, I still get prompted “Actions jobs for this repository have been disabled by GitHub staff. If you are the repository owner, you can contact support via for more information. “

At the same time, the original test failed and was unsuccessful. The link is

So I started to fight with GitHub customer service again.

work order

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Account Name : BlueSkyXN

Actions jobs for this repository have been disabled by GitHub staff. If you are the repository owner, you can contact support via for more information.

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Thank you for writing in.

The account has restrictions imposed because it appears to have been taking part in activity which goes against our Terms of Service .

In particular, any repositories that use GitHub Actions solely to interact with 3rd party websites, to engage in incentivized activities, or for general computing purposes may fall afoul of the GitHub Additional Product Terms .

For this reason, I’m afraid we will not be removing the restrictions from this account.

Best regards,


This time the customer service reply was completely a template, and then I went back and checked the original records based on the blog post in 2021. Note that the GitHub work order system did not save the work orders at that time, and they were all gone. It is estimated to be reserved for 1 year, but the default will email you

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After my inspection, on July 12, 2021, I have been approved by your customer staff and obtained the unblocking

I’ve hardly used Github Action after that, nor the TOS violation you said.

The case went through I wrote on my blog ( ) and Ticket ( https://support )

Thank you for reaching out again, and for the detailed explanation.

So long as you will adhere to our Terms of Service moving forward, Actions will be available to you again. I’ve reinstated them for the BlueSkyXN account, but please note that if the behaviors that resulted in them getting blocked in the first place are detected again, they may be revoked indefinitely.

At this time, you should be able to use Actions again.

Alex (GitHub Support)

Jul 11, 2021, 11:07 PM UTC

So he did not complete the unblocking he promised? Or is your system restricted for some reason?

At this time, I checked the ticket and blog records, and found that the customer service said that it was unblocked, and I have not used GitHub Action at all for more than a year.

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After my inspection, I tested whether the Action could work in a warehouse after it was deactivated that day, and then I saw that it seemed to work, so I ignored it. (also reflected at the end of my blog)

The URL that time was

After my inspection, it happened 13 months ago and it was a failure in the first place (Actions jobs for this repository have been disabled by GitHub staff. If you are the repository owner, you can contact support via / contact for more information.)

Apparently, your Github folks promised to lift the restrictions on my use of Actions, but they didn’t, and haven’t fixed the issue for over a year.

At the same time, I found that the original test was unsuccessful and was blocked by the red flag.

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Thank you for following up and apologies for the inconvenience.

I wanted to confirm that the Actions on your account have not been blocked; they are enabled and should be able to be used. It appeared there was a disabled repository on your account, but if you’re seeing examples of Actions failing on other repos , please let us know the specific repository and we can determine what the issue is.

Best regards,


The customer service staff said that it should not be blocked, let me test it

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I just ran another test, inserting a pre-defined Action file package with one click in a repository I created only a few days ago, and got the same result.
You refer to the following 2 repositories for examples

It is clear that you have not fulfilled your promise to lift the Action restrictions either 13 months ago or now. Of course, I don’t know if this is a problem with your system or something else.

Then I took 2 warehouses, one of which was tested with a new project a few days ago, the same problem

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Thank you for following up and for providing those examples. Again, apologies for the inconvenience.

I can confirm that we did remove the block from your account on our side back in July of 2021, as you were informed in the exchanges you had with our support team at the time. The block has not been re-enabled, so I will reach out to our engineering team for them to determine why those changes are not active on your account.

Normally the engineering team will get back to me within 2 business days and, as soon as they do or if it takes longer for any reason, I will update you.

Best regards,


The customer service said that they did remove the restriction and did not block it again, but I don’t know why it didn’t take effect. He had to contact the engineering staff to downgrade,

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Thank you for your patience while our engineering team looked into this matter.

I’ve heard back from them this morning and they have confirmed that the settings on your account should be back to normal the next time you sign in.

If there’s anything else we might be able to do to help, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Best regards,


After a few hours it said the fix was successful, then I tested it and it worked

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