Percent Browser 5.0 update, kernel upgrade to 102

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Message from the discovery channel , @G_leam @775405984 two classmates: Hi Da Puben, the browser has been updated .

百分浏览器 5.0 更新,内核升级至 102

As an Edge user, Green Little Frog still doesn’t know much about Percent Browser , but every time it is updated, or if it is not updated for a long time, there will be 100 percent users complaining on the forum. What are the alternatives? , After a lapse of 1 year, CentBrowser was updated again (the kernel was upgraded to 102) , and there was even a dedicated browser label.


  • Kernel upgrade to 102.0.5005.167
  • Refactored new tab and settings pages
  • Refactor the small tab page (support persistence)
  • Refactored video download function
  • Added blur function to Snipping Tool
  • Added menu item “Open in new small tab”
  • Add shortcut key customization such as switching cursor browsing
  • Added option: Overwrite files with the same name by default when downloading
  • Added feature: reload unpacked extension
  • Download dialog allows direct editing of paths
  • Screenshot shortcuts are registered as global hotkeys
  • The label group and the trumpet logo are displayed in the label list
  • Multi-column bookmarks are modified to full screen scrolling
  • Optimize custom.css injection logic
  • [BUG fix] Video popup may appear outside the visible area of ​​the screen
  • [BUG fix] A crash may occur when the App window is closed
  • [BUG fix] Failed to clean up the temporary files generated when the installation package exits

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And, those who are interested can go to participate in the browser survey:

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