Rabbit and Falcon are all covered, Go lang1.18 introductory and refined tutorial, from Bai Ding to Hongru, the whole platform (Sublime 4) Go lang development environment to build EP00

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Golang, a static language for concurrency, originates from the C language and is not limited to performance, efficient but not old-fashioned, Python is flexible, slightly less performance, Java is rigorous, slightly less coquettish. Don’t you see that all major brands are using Golang to refactor their high-concurrency business. There is no other reason. Under the background of economic downturn, Golang with outstanding performance and full efficiency is undoubtedly a way to save server resources in high-concurrency scenarios. A potion. Keeping pace with the times and following the trend, this time we took advantage of the market to install and build the development environment of Golang 1.18 on major mainstream platforms (Win/Mac/Linux/Docker). The full power of Golang can be output on the development machine or server, such as arm and finger, sway freely. The Windows 11 platform first came to the Win11 system with the highest market share…

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