Portable wifi flashing tossing notes

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First of all, I would like to thank the Kuan随身Wi-FI community. There are many reference materials in it, but it is not very friendly to Xiaobai. It just happened that I was brushing for the first time, so I wrote a complete graphic and text tutorial here, I hope you can help you.

Buy Pocket Wi-Fi

In addition to the most basic function of acting as a network hotspot, most of the portable Wi-Fi on the market today is a very standard高通410/210开发板(depending on your purchase), and it runs the Android system. You can brush the debian system, and even you can brush openwrt to become a soft router. What’s even better is that 4G, Wi-Fi, USB and other functions work normally.

The general merchants say that there is no need to insert a card, but they actually have a built-in eSIM card, but most of them still have a card slot (large card slot, small card needs a card sleeve), remember not to activate his built-in data card, to put it bluntly, it is a thing Network card, traffic is not only expensive but also false!

I bought Xuntang on JD.com. The daily event coupons are priced at 29. Just buy the most basic ones. Link: https://u.jd.com/cdVKZYw


After using up the red envelopes, a series of show operations came down to 9 yuan to win.

Insert a small unboxing link

Arrived, a little cheap


The appearance is quite satisfactory, there is no way to insert the card directly, you need to disassemble and install the card


Unplug the USB cap, you can see two screws on the back, don’t rush to check the back!


Pocket Wi-Fi is recommended

The source network, you can come according to your situation, or you can directly go to the Xuntang I bought

铁恒信旗舰店54 元款:UFI003 (后台密码admin、切卡密码UFIadmin1234)天天特卖工厂店29 元款:SP970-Main-v2(后台:admin admin,切卡用酷安工具,无法直接进9008,openwrt wifi 有问题不推荐)酷翼旗舰店8.8 元款:UFI003 (后台密码admin、切卡密码无)纽皇6.8 元款:可能是UFI001W ???(后台密码admin、切卡密码:qr0521)但会抽奖碰到高通210 款天天特卖工厂店28 元款UFI001 C (后台密码admin、切卡密码:UFIadmin1234,现在改成没卡槽了)


  1. Portable Wi-Fi of Qualcomm 410 (msm8916) solution : The silk screen on the board is UFI001B, UFI001C, UFI003, UFI-W-001 is the best, or SP970 (not recommended, there are too many subdivided versions at present, and basically need to be shorted In order to enter the 9008 mode, and then the current openwrt Wi-Fi also has problems), UZ801 is also OK; it needs to have a card slot and can cut the card .
  2. A Windows computer (it is recommended to install Tinder, some files will be deleted by Win’s default protection as a virus)
  3. Small to large SIM card holder
  4. Screwdriver (to screw the small Phillips screw for portable Wi-Fi)

Download tools and resources


Tool file required for flashing (access code: h5ft)

openwrt compiled by “Susu Xiaoliangliang”

the term

  • Enter 9008 mode

    • Just press and hold the reset button on the board. If the machine is not disassembled, hold it down with a needle and insert it into the computer.

    • You can check whether the port has 9008 from the device manager of the computer

      WeChat screenshot_20220625201524

  • Mask (Magisk)

    • Magisk is a set of open source tools for customizing Android
    • root, boot scripts, SELInux patching, remove AVB2.0/dm-verity/enforce encryption, etc.
    • The software with the main module management function, with it, you can install the flow-free module or V2, which is not discussed in this article.
  • adb

    • The full name of adb is Android Debug Bridge
    • Playing the role of a debugging bridge, in simple terms, you can use this command to control the phone with a computer.
  • fastboot mode

    • Translated as quick start
    • fastboot is a lower-level flashing mode than recovery
    • A flashing mode of using a USB data cable to connect a mobile phone

Basic installation

Install the 9008 driver

We first install the required 9008 drivers. Open the 9008免签名驱动folder and install the driver.


Click to install now.

Install Qualcomm Flash Tool

Open the Qualcomm Premium Tool V2.4 folder.

  1. First use the registration machine to generate the .key file.

  2. Save the .key file

WeChat screenshot_20220625204332

  1. Open Premium Tool v2.4 . Click Activate under Help and select the .key file you just saved to activate it successfully


Install ARDC screen projection software and perform simple optimization


Open投屏软件ARDC and install ARDC. Please keep the default and confirm all the way.

Screencasting software installation

Unplug the portable Wifi and plug it back into the computer. At this time, the device light is on, indicating that it has entered the normal adb mode.

Turn on ARDC, and the program will push the screencasting software to the portable Wifi through adb. After completion, as shown in the figure, click the right mouse button to enter the desktop.

WeChat screenshot_20220625203442

WeChat screenshot_20220625203546


WeChat screenshot_20220625205240


After all, running the Android system on such a small device, we can do some optimization, otherwise it will be too stuck.

Go to settings => about this machine => click the version number 10 times to enter developer mode and turn off all animation effects.

WeChat screenshot_20220625203654

Check and backup

an examination

Please confirm whether the computer recognizes the hardware after plugging in the portable Wifi, such as adb or Android , which means that your machine can be cracked without disassembly , and its adb port is open. Connect to the Wi-Fi provided by the portable Wi-Fi, enter the background, check whether it can work normally, and prevent it from being broken.

WeChat screenshot_20220625163655

Then use a screwdriver to disassemble and check the board, whether there is a card slot, and the version silkscreen on it.

As shown in the picture below, the one next to the small button is the card slot. Note: the top left of the picture is the signal antenna. Some people may have forgotten to install this thing after removing the card and testing the network or the signal is not good!


My screen print is: UFI003_MB_V002 Three Netcoms, no need to cut the card, no need to brush the baseband, the card can be used directly! Suddenly there is no point in tossing, hahaha.

Importance of Inspection

Kuan is a friend who has the same device as mine. Private message me he just bought the card and there is no network…


Backup the original firmware partition image

Doing a full backup will not become a brick, and you will be in a state of being ready at any time.

Enter 9008 mode and open Premium Tool v2.4.

Click Qualcomm , then partition , then click Scan partition, then Do job scan.

WeChat screenshot_20220625211334

Then click Backup , Backup All , and Do job backup.

WeChat screenshot_20220625211402

Make a Brick Rescue Bag

Install Miko_pro and copy loader.exe to the installation directory. Open loader.exe .

Then select Read in miko , Partition Backup/Earese click Load Partition Structure in the lower left corner and see the output of system information on the right, indicating that it is connected

WeChat screenshot_20220625201814

Then click Read Full Image to select a path, choose a name, and start a full backup of the .bin file that can be used to save the brick. The process will be slow, maybe ten minutes.

WeChat screenshot_20220625202228

WeChat screenshot_20220625202338

When the output to the right of the progress bar 100% shows that success is backed up, we can start tossing at will.

Backup succeeded

Backup original baseband

Open Xinghai recovery backup to generate and modify Xinghai SVIP in the QCN tool folder

Xinghai svip-baseband backup

When the portable wifi is working normally, click Qualcomm at the top, click Connect first, then click Backup QCN, and select the path to backup your baseband. One click to execute.

Brush into the mask (Magist) to get root permissions

method one

Install Magist

Plug the portable Wi-Fi into the computer, open the ARDC screen mirroring software, and wait for the device to mirror successfully.

Drag Magisk-v22.0.apk in the resource面具Magist folder directly to the ARDC window

WeChat screenshot_20220625205049

mending mask

Plug the portable Wifi into the computer and don’t move it, open the搞机工具箱_钟晨酱folder

WeChat screenshot_20220625212438

First click Fastboot(BL) to enter Fastboot mode

Then select Boot for the partition, select 14.5magisk修补boot.img and enter it. The flashing speed is very fast, and the prompt can be closed when finished.

Then unplug the portable wifi and reinsert it, open the ardc , enter the desktop and open magisk . You can see that it is currently installed and has root privileges.

mask 1

Method 2

You can also directly brush into some integrated images, including masks and some commonly used software.

What I use here is the one shared by a big guy in Kuan, which can be flashed into UFI003 with one click

Press the reset button to insert the computer, enter the 9008 mode, open MiFlash , and click refresh to see if the device is connected.

WeChat screenshot_20220625221344

Click Browse to select the flash package, choose to keep all data, and click Flash.

WeChat screenshot_20220625221444

Time is a bit slow, wait patiently, the success status column will be displayed.

WeChat screenshot_20220625222506

After success, you can directly open ARDC view.

desktop after brushing

Ps: Don’t just flash the integrated image! Unless it is the same brand and model as you!

some problems

Does not support full Netcom (rewrite baseband)

Most of the UFI00X screen-printed portable Wi-Fi supports telecom cards, and many actually support China Unicom. Mobile is not supported by default. Of course, because of the large number of products, even the modem models with the same silkscreen model are different. Of course, the most troublesome step is actually this step. There is no guarantee that China Unicom will be able to use it normally after brushing the baseband.

  1. First use搞机工具箱to restart into fastboot mode.

  2. Then open the `Xinghai toolbox => select Qualcomm => select Qualcomm baseband erase => one-click execution, it will restart after completion. (If your Xinghai cannot be opened, you may have to install this package from Microsoft )


  3. Then check the write to QCN, and select the baseband write of all Netcom. It may be unsuccessful to write once, and write several times. Restart your pocket Wi-Fi and see if your card works.

Devices without adb enabled by default

If your model is UFI001W, etc., you may not have the adb function turned on on the device you received. You can try to reset it in the web management background. For example, the background address of my Xuntang is: , for others, please refer to the manual of your portable WiFi or the address on the portable WiFi body.

If it still doesn’t work. Directly in 9008 mode, use the miflash tool to flash the package modified by others (the second way to install the mask is to install the mask), select the downloaded and decompressed package in the browse, refresh and check the device, and click to flash. It will directly open adb, lock the inserted SIM card, and root and other functions.

Brick to save

Backup Dafa is good, backup Dafa is good, backup Dafa is good!

Enter 9008模式, enter miko , click flash , click emmc block0 flasher .

Select the backup part below to make the Brick Rescue Package (.bin file) generated in the Brick Rescue Package, and wait patiently to flash it in.

Rescue Brick Pack

After swiping, insert another card and no network

It is very likely that you have flashed the integrated package, which comes with the function of locking the SIM card, you can insert the card and try to flash it again.

hot to death

The portable WiFi will get hot and even shut down automatically after using it for a period of time. There is no way that such a small body can carry too much. If you have strong hands-on ability, you can buy some small fans or heat sinks on Taobao to modify it. If you have a handicap, you can directly buy someone else to modify it.

It can be purchased according to the specifications of this product: https://m.tb.cn/h.fvmcIWv?tk=XCOV2LYWDGA

come to a conclusion

At present, in addition to the big brands in the portable WiFi market, there are self-developed chips and solutions. Most of the unscrupulous merchants are OEM, the cost is very cheap, and they are too lazy to add various restrictions. Using the same solution means that most of them can be flashed. Moreover, there are many community solutions, complete data, and easy cracking.

Maybe everyone feels that it is no different from just buying it, but we don’t need to use the built-in SIM card of the merchant first, and permanently unlock the SIM card slot to prevent the merchant from casting spells remotely! This article is only the basic root of the machine, but it is equivalent to opening up the two veins of Ren and Du, and it will be beneficial to nowhere, and then you can toss it casually! You can flash into openwrt as a bypass route, into debian as a small server, etc… Everything can be flashed!

Finally, the 9-dollar portable WiFi is really fragrant, I say goodbye!

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