The complete works of film, television and comics adapted from Jin Yong’s novels are shared on Alibaba Cloud Disk

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“Flying snow shoots the white deer in the sky, the hero of the laughing book leans on the blue mandarin duck”, one word counts all the novels of the master, I have read almost all of Jin Yong’s novels, and the same is true for TV series, except for the early Hong Kong and the current mainland.

The content shared here is based on some movies, TV series, graphic novels, text novels, etc. adapted from the novels of Mr. Jin Yong.

This content sharing is based on the Alibaba network disk. Before obtaining the content, please register the Alibaba network disk. Register and complete the novice task through the following link, and you will get 800GB of Alibaba network disk capacity.

I’m using the super easy-to-use “Alibaba Cloud Disk”, I get 300 GB for registration, and another 500 GB for completing novice tasks. Come and try it.

“01. TV series [20 episodes]” and other documents Extraction code: 7wh7

“02. Movies adapted from Jin Yong’s novels (30)” Extraction code: fr56

“03. Jin Yong’s Novels and Comics” and other documents Extraction code: q96l

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