PP+Xoom: Remittance to China Follow-up: Manual operation process at the receiving end

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In the PayPal Full Solution Tutorial (4): PP+Xoom: Remittance to China and other places , the background and an actual battle have been introduced in the previous article. Since it was debited from the Saving account, it took a few days (about 2-3 working days) Right) (PP is debiting my bank account soon).

However, unlike the common WISE remittance UnionPay, this method actually requires additional steps to fill in the information.

SMS notification

It should be noted that although I received a text message notification, this link seems to be universal, not a directed URL



As soon as you open it, you need identity verification. You need the positive and negative ID cards. However, it supports photo album and file upload, and you can also take photos on the spot.

Tested without face and live verification


Then the ID card information will be automatically read

But you also need to add the payment card information. This is quite strange. In theory, I have filled in the card number on the PP/XOOM side.

Then I looked at the supported bank cards and there are quite a few.


Then I will give you a second-class virtual account of Bank of Shanghai, and ask you to log in to the Uplink Express App. In fact, I checked that IOS does not have this App. At the same time, I took this account to the Bank of Shanghai Mobile App to log in and it was prompted to bind. Incorrect mobile number, login failed


About 2 minutes after this submission, the bank of China will receive the remittance, which is a locked exchange rate.

Then the account number of the other party is different from the E account number given by Shanghai Bank. I don’t know whether to fill in this or not.


Then the PP side also sent an email 3 minutes after the bank received it.


Foreign exchange quota

After checking in the Ping An Bank mobile app, this remittance of 10USD->67.51CNY consumed 9.97USD of foreign exchange quota, and then I saw that the settlement price of Bank of China was 677.2, and the exchange rate difference was exactly 0.31%

Therefore, I estimate that this kind of automatic conversion of RMB will consume the foreign exchange quota in USD equivalent when it arrives in the account, rather than the decimal-free settlement like when I use Revolut to wire directly to Bank of China and settle the foreign exchange in the Bank of China mobile app.

In addition, I used Ouitrust to remit money to WeChat several times last time, and none of them took up the settlement quota. Obviously, remittance to WeChat does not occupy it.

Protocol hiding information

There are a lot of details that are also worth noting when signing the contract.

The first is that the amount of borrowing cannot be borrowed, and the second is that the payer can be an individual or some institutions, not a trading company or a securities company. [Of course, this refers to the limitation of this function of Bank of Shanghai, but there is also a middle ground, that is, it is neither an individual nor the source of an ordinary company of a trading securities company, a freelance platform, an e-commerce platform, etc.]

Then it also explained that this occupied foreign exchange quota, and then forced to send an electronic account



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