Prepare to face impermanence

If the famous saying “2019 was the worst year in the past ten years, but the best year in the next ten years” sounds more and more reliable recently, then I have to think of a headache. , it’s only three years since 2019, what the fuck will happen in the next seven years?

Today we miss 2019, but in 2019, everyone thinks it was a terrible year. The problems of 2019 include bad climate change, the Sino-US trade war, the rise of extremist groups, the fear of technology giants infiltrating the privacy of life, etc. Wait.

In June 2019, a friend of mine posted an article on her public account “Zen and the Art of Cosmic Maintenance” with the title “We almost thought that everything would only get better”, and the reading volume was the average reading before. Ten times the amount, it seems that at that moment, many people began to realize that the world is not necessarily getting better and better, but no one could have imagined that after a few months, things took a turn for the worse, to a degree that we simply could not predict.

To a certain extent, the epidemic cannot be entirely blamed for many things. The epidemic is an accelerator and a catalyst. It allows people to remove all disguise and cover up in the struggle for survival, thereby making conflicts more concrete, collisions more intense, and ugliness more exposed. , but these are things that already exist and are actually not new.

Our generation, even the post-80s generation, grew up almost smoothly. There was no sand in the times. Instead, a gust of wind blew many people into the sky. We drink craft beer, drink Starbucks ice American, watch new American dramas, and travel abroad. Playing 3A masterpieces with 3080, eating Japanese food, eating Michelin restaurants, shuttling in a 100-story office building, talking about no results, and no expected love, we feel anxious in the face of high housing prices, but most things, a comfortable life , rich material, rising wages, new and better feelings, we have no fear that these things will disappear.

But in fact a little earlier, from the end of the Qing Dynasty to before the reform and opening up, our ancestors suffered countless hardships ups and downs.

Young people in the first year of Tianbao, immersed in the aftertaste of the prosperous Kaiyuan era, how could they think of the Anshi Rebellion ten years later, which turned the Tang Dynasty from prosperity to decline, and even collapsed. At that time, the Tang Dynasty had been established for more than 120 years and more than 6 generations. People continue it, and no one would have thought that wars and disasters would come so quickly.

Du Mu wrote a long time ago, “Descendants mourn but do not learn from them, and also make future generations mourn for future generations.” It seems that if he does not learn lessons from history, he will soon follow the same path. He was very good at learning lessons. For example, Emperor Guangwu reflected on the lessons of the Western Han Dynasty, and the result was “Three Cards”. Emperor Taizong of Tang reflected on the Sui Dynasty and came to the conclusion that “the people are arrogant when they have nothing to do.” Zhu Yuanzhang reflected on the collapse of the Yuan Dynasty and came to the conclusion It is “to level China, it must be fierce”

It can be seen that once the rulers start to reflect, most of the common people will suffer. Of course, the reason is not because of reflection, but because we always get one-sided information from history, and meat eaters are contemptuous. Today we are collecting, analyzing and processing information We are doing better than ever before, but can we stop history from repeating, or at least stop its tragedies from repeating itself? I am very pessimistic about this, because we are also facing unprecedented complex and difficult problems.

In view of this, as ordinary people, I think what we can do is to be prepared to face impermanence – lower expectations, manage your finances well, love those around you, learn survival skills such as medical knowledge, cooking, spare time radio or something.

On social platforms, I’ve seen more and more owners of brick-and-mortar stores and told them about their difficulties in the past two years through videos. I once thought it was just offline business that suffered heavy losses. Not long ago, I saw an article by Maozhu, who catches more fish. , I realized that many online businesses that rely heavily on logistics and warehousing have also suffered huge losses. These losses are caused by the epidemic, epidemic policies, market laws, international environment, and capital. It is difficult to find one The “bad guys” went to blame “you for all this”, but it just happened.

My official account was registered in 2013, and the avatar has not changed after registration. I was a freshman at that time, and I clearly remember that the reason I used this picture was because I saw the text under this picture at that time: “There is only one in the world. A true heroism, that is to love life after knowing the truth of life”, I think this buddy said so cool, it took me about two years to know that this sentence was written by Romain Rolland, not The unnamed rocker in the picture said it, but I decided to keep using it because he’s really cool too.

If the truth of life is beautiful, then we still love life after we recognize the truth of life, and there is no heroism. So I think the meaning of this sentence should be that the truth of life is cruel, sad, and hard to fall in love with.

Okay, now that we are getting closer to the truth of life, can we still love life at this time? I can’t say it well, but if love is a little difficult, be prepared to face it first.

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