Qianxun Position at the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference: the first show of more refined digital twin capabilities

(Shanghai, September 1, 2022) — On September 1, the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference officially opened in Shanghai. Qianxun Location Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Qianxun Location”), the world’s leading spatiotemporal intelligent infrastructure company, demonstrated for the first time the application of digital twin products with precise spatiotemporal capabilities in urban digitization, new infrastructure construction and other fields, including urban Intelligent road inspection and maintenance, high-precision map collection of highways, 3D visualization management of intelligent mines, etc.


The theme of this year’s World Artificial Intelligence Conference is “Intelligent Connected World, Unbounded Life”, and hot tracks of hard-core technology such as digital twin, space-time intelligence, and metaverse have attracted much attention.

More refined digital twin capabilities

The digital twin is the virtual-real mapping and drive control between the physical world and the digital world. The level of spatial and temporal awareness will directly affect the accuracy and real-time operation effect of the digital twin.

The national Beidou ground-based augmentation system constructed and operated by Qianxun Location provides high-precision positioning services at the dynamic centimeter level and static millimeter level and nanosecond-level timing services throughout China, with more refined digital twin construction capabilities.

At the conference, Qianxun Position displayed digital twin products with precise space-time capabilities for the first time, including the digital twin-oriented 3D map engine “Qianxun Dijing”, the road intelligent inspection system “Qianxun Chiguan”, digital twin infrastructure The management platform “Qianxun Twin World”, etc.

It is reported that based on Beidou’s high-precision positioning and precise timing services, combined with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and 5G, Qianxun Location provides accurate digital collection of all elements, digital twin 3D engine, spatiotemporal data services, and spatiotemporal data visualization platform. The twinning capability helps to build a “digital twin” city that accurately maps the real environment in real time.

For example, the “Qianxun Twin World” exhibited this time, based on a high-precision unified space-time reference, restores the space-time information such as the location and attitude of the infrastructure, and supports the simultaneous projection of real-time perception data in the virtual world. Managers can trace back the perceptible people, vehicles, objects and events in any time and space scene, and complete the refined management of the entire life cycle of the infrastructure.

“More refined digital twin capabilities are the basis for realizing space-time intelligence.” Chen Jinpei, CEO of Qianxun Location, said that only with accurate mapping can physical cities and digital cities be closely integrated and interact in both directions, thereby realizing various space-time intelligence applications.

At this conference, Qianxun showed that the application of space-time intelligence has penetrated into thousands of industries such as smart transportation, intelligent driving, and digital cities. The space-time network is becoming the most important infrastructure in the digital wave together with the Internet and computing network.

Empowering Diverse Digital Scenarios

In order to facilitate the innovative transformation of urban digitalization, Qianxun Location combines the advantages of precise time and space with digital twin capabilities, and has been applied to various urban management scenarios.

For example, when it comes to road maintenance, the traditional inspection process usually has problems such as low degree of automation, low algorithm recognition accuracy, data duplication, and limited collection coverage. Based on the Beidou high-precision positioning and monocular vision technology system, “Qianxun Chiguan” can realize fully automatic acquisition, only one driver can operate, the acquisition range covers 3 lanes, and supports typical road diseases and edge-side intelligence of equipment and facilities Recognition, the recognition accuracy rate is better than 90%. “Qianxunchiguan” can not only greatly improve the operation efficiency of daily inspection, reduce the labor cost of operation, but also provide auxiliary decision support for road inspection and maintenance.

In the “new infrastructure” construction of smart highways, Qianxun’s precise spatiotemporal digital twin capabilities can also provide strong support.

Taking Chengyi Expressway as an example, Qianxun Location, relying on its self-developed vehicle-mounted ground mobile measurement system and automatic map production system, completed the collection and rendering of high-precision map data with a total length of 157 kilometers within one month. At the same time, the intelligent high-speed background management system provided by Qianxun Location can help managers accurately release road condition information and reduce the accident rate. According to statistics, the number of traffic accidents on Chengyi Expressway has dropped by 60% year-on-year, and the number of “zero accident” days has increased from 0.5 days per week to 1.8 days.

At present, Qianxun’s digital highway spatiotemporal intelligent solution has been put into application on many expressways such as Zhejiang Hangshaotai Expressway and Hebei Yanchong Expressway.

In addition to smart transportation, Qianxun Location is also exploring the application scenarios of precise spatiotemporal digital twins in areas such as industry upgrades.

Taking the digital mine project of Sany Heavy Industry as an example, in the construction of the second phase of the Dabaoshan mine, Qianxun Location used digital twin technology and GIS (geographic information technology) to create a high-precision 3D map of the mining area covering the whole area for the mine. 3D visualization management of areas, facilities, and positioning building components.

At the same time, using Chihiro’s high-precision positioning capabilities, vehicles equipped with high-precision positioning equipment present clear travel routes and location information on the 3D map. According to the real-time position of the vehicle and the load capacity of the vehicle, the background staff can effectively match the transportation requirements of the loading and unloading points in real time and on demand, conduct one-to-many vehicle scheduling, and complete the mine transportation work efficiently and safely.

The rich connotation and characteristics of urban digital twin make its realization highly complex. At present, Qianxun Location has applied its self-developed precise time-space digital twin technology to various scenarios such as smart mines, infrastructure management, smart terminals, provincial space management, and smart highways.

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