Questions After Researching Electricity Operators

After looking at the power operators for a while, I feel not bad. So far, I think this is a good industry, worthy of further study. At present, I have not yet reached the stage of the company, and I am still defining the industry. There are two questions that I have not figured out.

There are several points for the growth of green electricity operators:

The installed capacity increases, the number of hours of use increases, the rate of curtailment of wind and solar energy decreases, the price of green electricity is stable or increases, and the cost of installed capacity decreases.

Among these, the growth rate of installed capacity will definitely increase. According to the plan, the annual growth rate of wind power will be 17% in the next three years, and the annual growth rate of photovoltaic will be 22%. very high.

The number of hours of use is increasing, and the rate of abandoning wind and light is decreasing. Both are supported by data.

As for the cost of installed capacity, according to the data and data, the company management and analysts of securities companies said that the cost of wind turbines is definitely a major trend. The cost of photovoltaics will gradually decrease in the future as the silicon material decreases. But the question is, the price of silicon material is still rising. Of course, I believe that with the expansion of production will decline.

For thermal power companies, the third-quarter performance will definitely usher in an improvement. In the future, thermal power assets will gradually break even. Don’t expect to make much money either, because coal supply and demand are also insufficient.

Of course this is short term, after 1.2 years I think it will come down. So thermal power assets now is the worst time. The future will only get better and better, and the current thermal power is also a positive influence.

The only uncertain variable right now is the price of electricity. According to the policy, the price of green electricity is based on a premium of the benchmark price of coal. If this is the case, the business model of green electricity operators is perfect, especially for wind power.

Optoelectronics is actually not very profitable at present, and the components and raw materials are too strong. Don’t expect to earn too much at the moment. In the short and medium term, it depends on wind power operators, or operators that combine thermal power and hydropower.

Because the new energy is unstable, it needs to be adjusted and matched.

If the green electricity price will all be connected to the Internet at a premium in the future, there will be an environmental premium because of carbon neutrality. Then all the factors are positive, and the volume and price are rising. It’s not too much to give 30% of the position!

I seem to have found a beautiful woman…

But, but, how will the price of electricity go? Especially the electricity price of the new project, let me make it difficult. I thought it was all premium internet.

Saw a policy saying that after 21 years, all offshore wind subsidies will be cancelled. In the future, the electricity price of land and sea wind power projects will be either grid parity or bidding, and the lower one can get it! Since the beginning of 20 years, onshore wind power has not been subsidized for a long time.



And the bid cannot exceed the guide price. Doesn’t this put a spell on the new project, the upper limit is capped, and the lower limit has no bottom line? How much profit can the project make then?

I have seen the information that if the price of the unit falls well in the future, even if the bidding price is low, it can still make a good profit, but this is conditional. What if the price of the components is not ideal?

Of course, no investment can be perfect. But the issue of the electricity price of this new project, I really do not want to understand. The project in Fujian is not quoted at 0.2, although it is said later that it is for the second place, according to 0.26.

But this is still a discount, as the benchmark coal price in Fujian is around 0.4. As for this price, I don’t know how profitable the second place is. Does anyone know?

Finally, there is still a question, is photovoltaic also bidding for the Internet access, are there any subsidies, and how is the specific Internet access price calculated?

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