Ariot was selected as a national-level specialized special new “little giant” enterprise list


Recently, all localities have begun to publicize the audit list of the fourth batch of specialized and new “little giant” enterprises cultivated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This training review work is carried out to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on “cultivating a group of ‘specialized, special and new SMEs'”, and to implement the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of SMEs” by the Party Central Committee and the State Council .


“Specialized, refined and innovative” is a major project implemented by the state to guide small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance their independent innovation capabilities and core competitiveness, and to continuously improve the quality and level of small and medium-sized enterprises’ development. National specialization and new

A “little giant” enterprise refers to the leader and leader of small and medium-sized enterprises with the characteristics of “specialization, refinement, specialization, and novelty”. , serving the key links of the industrial chain, the vanguard enterprise with excellent quality and efficiency.

Shenzhen Arrot Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected into the list of specialized, special, and new “little giants” by virtue of its outstanding R&D and innovation capabilities in biometric technology, as well as its market advantages in the fields of digital identity, information security, and smart cities. This also means that the economic benefits, professionalism, innovation ability, and management of Ariot are fully affirmed.


Focus on artificial intelligence biometrics track, adhere to technological innovation

In terms of technological innovation and research and development, Arrot focuses on the field of artificial intelligence biometrics, has more than 200 patent applications for multi-modal biometrics technology, and a number of biometric algorithms and products have passed domestic and international evaluation certifications in China, the United States, and India. .

Up to now, Arrot has led and participated in the formulation of more than ten national biometric standards, including “Technical Requirements for Remote Face Recognition System of Information Security Technology”, “Biometric Identification of Information Technology Mobile Devices”, “Information Security Technology Fingerprint Identification System Technical Requirements” and many other national and industry standards.

In 2021, Arrott was elected as the first head unit of the “Biometric Product Group” of the Information Technology Application Innovation Working Committee. Currently, under the leadership of the Working Committee, he is leading the preparation of the “Xinchuang Biometrics White Paper”, and promotes the national Xinchuang Work related to the formulation of biometric standards.

The vertical integration capability of “six-dimensional integration” guarantees the implementation of technology

Based on years of technical accumulation and a deep understanding of user needs, Yariot has formed a comprehensive technical strength of vertical integration of “algorithms, chips, modules, hardware, platforms and applications”, as well as “expert-level planning and consulting, and landing scheme design”. , customized software and hardware, professional-level implementation and deployment, and rapid response services” pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales in-depth service capabilities, providing artificial intelligence innovation services for customers in different vertical fields, in-depth empowerment projects, industries, and empowerment Cities make machines smarter and life better.


(Picture: Arrot provides intelligent test terminal for Beijing college entrance examination, source: Xinhua News Agency)

Aliott’s positioning has always been a provider of core technology solutions for artificial intelligence and biometrics. At present, it has established cooperative relations with more than 3,000 well-known enterprises around the world, and is providing biometric authentication products and services to more than 2 billion people of different skin colors and races in more than 30 countries around the world. Artificial Intelligence Enterprise for Biometric Systems.

In China, Arrot’s resident ID card fingerprint application algorithm, fingerprint collector and ID card reading machine are all shortlisted in the national recommended manufacturers list, and it is an important supplier of domestic resident identification and verification technology in the field of e-government. The billion-level biometric engine and data collection for visa and entry-exit management have provided core solutions.

In the international market, Arrot is an important supplier of national digital identity technology, providing technical support for major projects such as UID in India, national elections in Uganda, and national elections in Ghana.


(Picture: Arrott provides biometric voter identification solutions for Uganda national elections, source: Uganda National Television)

The selection of the “Little Giant” Enterprise Cultivation Public List is the full recognition and affirmation of the comprehensive strength of Arrot’s innovation and research and development capabilities, market competitiveness, degree of specialization, and enterprise development potential by the national competent authority. Allot will take this opportunity, always adhering to the core values ​​of “innovation, value, realization, and sharing”, and is committed to giving full play to the demonstration and leading role of the “little giant” enterprise of specialization, excellence, and innovation through continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence, Add new impetus to the healthy development of the artificial intelligence industry.

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