[Rating Circle] under the Commercial Ticket Circle completed 30 million Pre-A round of financing

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On May 11, the AI ​​risk control project “Rating Circle” incubated by “Commercial Ticket Circle”, which Chuangyebang continues to pay attention to, completed 30 million Pre-A round of financing. This round was led by Shenzhen Miaoping Technology Investment Center. On the afternoon of the same day, the “Rating Circle” financing conference was held in Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Ecological Park. Lin Junhao, the founder of the business ticket circle, signed a contract with the investor on the spot.

The successful financing of “Rating Circle” marks that Commercial Ticket Circle, as the leader of domestic commercial ticket supply chain financial technology, has officially deployed in the field of supply chain AI risk control products, providing credit risk prevention and early warning solutions for all parties in the supply chain and protecting asset security.

This round of financing will be used for the technical research and development and promotion of AI risk control products in the “Rating Circle”, positioning itself as a corporate credit security partner in the supply chain field. At the same time, it cooperates with Shenzhen University Theoretical Economics Postdoctoral Cooperative Research Base to carry out artificial intelligence risk control project cooperation.

In recent years, the macro economy has continued to be under pressure, but commercial bills have continued to grow in market size by virtue of the dual functional advantages of delayed payment and financing, and a blue ocean market of trillions has been formed. According to data from the Shanghai Commercial Paper Exchange: in 2021, commercial bill acceptance in the whole market will be 3.80 trillion yuan, an increase of 4.85%; commercial bill endorsement will be 2.97 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.82%; commercial bill discounting will be 1.22 trillion yuan, an increase of 17.98%.

However, the commercial paper market has been plagued by information asymmetry, frequent credit risks, and mixed participants, which objectively restricts the liquidity of commercial paper and the inclusiveness of financing. With the advancement of China’s strategy of occupying the core position of the global supply chain and the adverse social impact caused by the commercial bill thunderstorm in the real estate industry, the regulatory authorities have issued a series of policies and laws to formulate a standardized development blueprint for the commercial bill, and the commercial bill ecosystem is quietly reshaping.

Liu Xin, CFO of the commercial billing circle, said that on January 14, 2022, the People’s Bank of China and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the “Administrative Measures for the Acceptance, Discounting and Rediscounting of Commercial Bills (Draft for Comment)”, indicating that private funds and traditional bill brokers can no longer use the The role of the fund provider participates in commercial ticket transactions, and the “Commercial Ticket Circle”, as a technology platform that directly links the bank’s inclusive funds to provide financing services to small, medium and micro enterprises, is in line with the national policy orientation, and will definitely further enhance its industrial ecological position and release the industry. energy. The way of “rating circle” is to focus on credit risk in the field of supply chain finance, and empower industry risk control from asset security. As an AI risk control project incubated within the “Commercial Ticket Circle”, when the “Rating Circle” is doing artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, it can organically combine the “five-in-one” information data of the supply chain and the “Commercial Ticket Circle” ecological data. Combined, the data comes from real guns and live ammunition in the market and applies it to risk warnings. When the “Rating Circle” product is mature, it will become the right-hand man for the industry to effectively warn of credit storms similar to individual private real estate giants in 2021, and it will be widely used in corporate credit, bond investment, and supply chain business evaluation. Changes in policies are the foundation for the reshaping of the industry’s ecology. “Rating Circle” and “Commercial Ticket Circle” will work together to use technology and high-quality services to help industry partners such as bill brokers and non-banking financial institutions to move forward in a compliant and safe direction , sharing trillions of market dividends.

Xia Ming, director of China Ping An Capital (Hong Kong), believes that in recent years, China’s bill market has developed rapidly. The number of bill-using companies has increased from less than 330,000 to 2.7 million in 2021. Commercial bills have entered the “long slope and thick snow” growth track. . With the gradual maturity of big data and cloud computing service models, as well as the restrictions on the flow of people and business exchanges due to the epidemic, the SaaS industry has ushered in development opportunities. The scale of mergers and acquisitions in the global SaaS field has grown from US$7.5 billion in 2013 to US$25 billion in 2020. Compared with the mature SaaS industry in Europe and the United States, the Chinese SaaS industry started late but has huge room for growth. It is very rare for the commercial ticket circle to open up with the banking system to build an industry-leading advantage and a SaaS empowerment system. Combined with the rating circle’s blessing on the evaluation and analysis of corporate credit risks, I look forward to seeing the commercial ticket circle and the rating circle in the capital market in the future. figure.

Professor Tao Yitao, director of the China Special Economic Zone Research Center of Shenzhen University, pointed out that in 2022, the macroeconomic pressure will be great, consumption and exports will be affected by the epidemic, and small, medium and micro enterprises will face financial difficulties. Judging from the China Economic Index in the first quarter, Shenzhen’s economic growth was only 2% due to the epidemic throughout the quarter, far below the national average of 4.8%. Under this special situation, as an alumni enterprise of Shenzhen University, Commercial Ticket Circle has created a technology platform linking banks through technological innovation to help small and medium-sized enterprises raise funds, which reflects the down-to-earth innovation spirit of Shenzhen University. With the advancement of the research and development of products in the rating circle, we hope to explore a successful path to serve small, medium and micro enterprises and contribute Shenzhen’s experience to the whole country.

Founded in 2017, Commercial Ticket Circle is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on supply chain tickets. It is headquartered in Shenzhen and has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Wuhan.

With keen insight into market trends, dedicated innovation spirit and solid research and development capabilities, it has passed CMMI3 certification, dual-software, third-level guarantee, ISO9001, ISO27001 and other technical certifications, and has more than 50 invention patents and original software Copyright and dozens of business qualifications. It is the deputy director unit of the China Bill Brokerage Committee of the Ministry of Commerce, the director unit of Shenzhen Supply Chain Finance Association (SSCF), and the member unit of Shenzhen Software Industry Association.

Commercial Ticket Circle is the pioneer of the commercial ticket bank-enterprise direct connection (B2F) model. In March 2020, Commercial Ticket Circle and CCB jointly launched the first domestic industry’s first supply chain financial product-Commercial Ticket Quick Loan, opening the entire process online. The new bill financing model solves the problems of difficult and expensive financing for small and medium-sized enterprises. The commercial bill quick loan market has successfully promoted the bank-enterprise (B2F) model in the industry, and has successively connected to more than 20 mainstream banks including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, Ping An Bank, Industrial Bank, Zheshang Bank, and Bank of Shanghai. Financial institutions, the corporate financing rate has dropped sharply from more than 10% in the traditional intermediary market to 5.55%. After iterative upgrades, it has further dropped to 3.85%, and the current minimum has dropped to 3.7%. The financing efficiency has improved from 2 to 3 days to the fastest one 24 minutes, and the whole process is online, which greatly improves the convenience. At present, the Commercial Ticket Quick Loan has covered more than 6,000 whitelisted companies, making the Commercial Ticket Circle the direct bank-enterprise service platform with the largest number of linked banking institutions, the most complete online products, and the widest whitelist in China. As of May 11, 2022, the scale of platform financing services reached 23.7 billion, and the number of service companies was 55,000+.

On the asset side of bills, the business bill circle has launched a cloud-sharing SaaS service product – business bill cloud, which uses modern digital technology to package inclusive bank funds in batches, and builds a multi-element, full-chain, cross-scenario for all parties involved in supply chain finance. The bill financing service platform helps partners quickly generate digital bill financing service capabilities. Since its launch in October 2021, Shangpiao Cloud has been signed and deployed in 16 cities in more than ten provinces across the country. The types of partners include state-owned assets groups, A-share listed companies, commercial factoring, financing guarantees, supply chain platforms, and loan service agencies. , Internet financial platform, etc.

In the future, the commercial bill circle will continue to expand the market leading advantage of the commercial bill quick loan, expand the coverage radius of banks, empower the whole industry through the commercial bill cloud SaaS, and create a supply chain bill inclusive ecosystem. In terms of technology, it will continue to strengthen the research and development of big data and artificial intelligence, and form a development synergy with the “rating circle” credit risk control products, providing partners with supply chain technology services in various ways such as capital and asset.

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