Razer releases Ling Beetle Symphony mouse pad, priced at 999 yuan

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Today, Razer announced the launch of the Ling Beetle Magic Color Edition mouse pad, priced at 999 yuan.

Officially, the Lingbeetle Symphony Mouse Pad is a hybrid chaotic mouse pad that combines control and speed with 19 Razer Chroma Symphony RGB lighting effect areas; anti-splash design, just wipe it lightly Complete daily cleaning; rubber non-slip bottom surface can be firmly attached to the desktop.

In addition, Razer also released the Razer Heavy Armored Bug Symphony 3XL, priced at 799 yuan.

The Heavy Armored Bug 3XL features a finely textured fabric surface for maneuverability and speed; supports Razer Chroma RGB lighting effects; optimized for gaming mice, giving full play to tracking and responsive performance; large 3XL size, covering the entire Desktop; rubber non-slip bottom surface, can be firmly attached to the desktop.

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