Read note: “Must-have tools for hardening Kubernetes clusters”

Title: “Must-have tools for hardening Kubernetes clusters”
Category: kubernetes

In this article, the author wants to share a related tool used to make a Kubernetes really capable of going to the battlefield, so the article emphasizes the production-ready situation.
A Production Ready K8s cluster must have relevant handling methods for each of the following large projects, such as

  1. Reliability and Availability
  2. Security
  3. Network, Monitoring & Observability
  4. Backup/Recovery
  5. Cost Optimization
  6. Cluster Visualization

Reliability and Availability:
The two indicators in this field represent different meanings, but are equally important to a cluster that provides services

Here the author lists several tools such as

  1. K8s built-in HPA
  2. AWS’s karpenter that lets you scale on a node-by-node basis
  3. Cluster-Autoscaler
  4. Goldilocks

Many people and teams have headaches about cluster backup and restore. At present, the most well-known open source project is Velero, which supports different storage devices such as Cloud Storage for storage, so that k8s users in different environments have a way to go. back up the data in its cluster

Cost Optimization

For cloud architecture, basically the built-in functions of cloud operators can list their respective costs for various services such as VM and underlying architecture. When this concept is applied to Kubernetes itself, only Master Node can be understood. Worker Node, etc. costs,
Therefore, through projects such as Kubecost to expand the scope of cost insight into Kubernetes, and enumerate the actual cost in units of various k8s resources such as namespace, pod, etc., the team can more effectively manage related costs

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