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Before reading this book, I judged from the title that this book should make people laugh. The book collects all kinds of funny things and jokes encountered in the hospital. After reading it, go to the evaluation of Douban. There is a very pertinent sentence: how humorous it is to read, the more vulnerable the reality is. Especially the last sentence.

The doctor system in the UK can be roughly divided into 4 stages:

  • Primary title (internship, resident doctor): The income of an intern is lower than the average salary in the UK, working day shifts, and night shifts often face emergencies in the entire ward alone. Residents earn slightly more than the UK average salary, and need to decide where to specialize, and they need to switch hospitals frequently to ensure they can learn from enough older doctors.
  • Intermediate title (attending doctor): The attending doctor has outpatient qualifications, and also has the ability to take out a loan to buy a house and change a newer used car. Being promoted to attending doctor means that you are the most senior doctor on duty. Heavy surgical tasks and long working hours are not conducive to maintaining a stable love and marriage relationship.
  • Deputy Senior Title (Deputy Chief Physician): They are usually the highest-ranking doctors in the operating room, the end point for most doctors.
  • Senior professional title (chief doctor): To be a chief doctor is to reach the peak of life – high income, short working hours, a lot of administrative work, able to rest on time, and outpatient appointments need to be made N days in advance.

It is a pity that the author Adam reached the third stage and became a deputy senior title, but chose to give up at this time. There are only two reasons for giving up: the author has already started writing the book before resigning, and the publisher is very optimistic, the author quits and chooses to write the book full-time; the second is too tired to balance work and family Time, and with the rise of the position, the responsibility is also increasing. The repeated medical accidents have made the author feel hopeless. After all, people make mistakes, especially under the blessing of super-strong work intensity.

Most of the medical-related things mentioned in the book happen in the obstetrics and gynecology department. For those new parents, this book will give behavioral guidance in some cases. If you read this before the child is born, This book can alleviate the anxiety about having children to a certain extent. I still remember that when iris was in the delivery area and the first week after giving birth, my thoughts at that time were: knowing how painful it is to have a baby, I would rather choose DINK or adoption. If I had read this book in advance, it might have changed my opinion.


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