Reading and reading is a kind of chewing, but also gobbling

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I’m currently reading the “Naval Collection”, which has exploded in the Internet circle. It’s not a thick book, but I read it very slowly, and it’s completely different from what I expected. This thin book took me a lot of time. I read this book for almost half a month, but only read 30% (about 70 pages), which is really not fast.

It will remind me of the “You Are What You Eat” I read before, and I finished it in a day or two.

Such diametrically opposed results got me thinking, why? Why am I so slow in reading the Naval Tome?

After carefully comparing the differences between the two, I got the answer:

  • For “You Eat Out”, before I read it, I knew it was a good book, and I read it hoping to get some information that I didn’t have in the past, so this book is a complete input for me. . I can just read it.
  • As for The Book of Naval, I also knew before reading it that it was a good book, and that he and I were in almost the same industry. Although I hope to obtain some information that I did not have in the past, because there are too many similarities and common parts in the past, I often take the information in it and put it into my own experience in the process of reading. to do a comparison. This kind of comparison between the information and myself has cost me a lot of time. Basically, it takes me a while to read a page.

Which one is better? I think it’s all good,

  • The former is to allow me to obtain new information. I quickly learned some information from Xiaobai to guide my life;
  • The latter allows me to verify my judgment. I compare the new information with the past judgment, which enhances my cognition of judgment and directly guides my life.

Both are good.

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