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Jinse has fifty strings for no reason, and one string and one column contemplate the Chinese New Year.

“Jinse” – Li Shangyin

This poem, which seems to have nothing to do with marriage, may reflect my heart. Although I haven’t reached that age yet, I want to record my views. Maybe this is my original heart when I was a teenager. I don’t think I can lose my original heart. At least the thoughts in my heart can be recorded and given to me An opportunity to reminisce in old age.

There are countless poems about love between men and women written since ancient times, almost all of them describe the beauty of love between men and women, but please pay attention to my words: love between men and women.

Why no one writes about women’s love and men’s love? The first reaction someone said was: “Disgusting!” In the past two years, I would definitely scold those who said this, because I am an LGBTQ group, but this year, I have changed I’ll be silent because my family has gone through something that may never happen again – a wedding.

My brother, after 25 years of life, entered the hall of marriage with his lover.

It’s a little fuzzy, I’ll see

I was the best man that day, and while I was happy, I was also thinking about my future. For me, marriage would not exist if my will was strong enough, but I am really thinking about future happiness.

Marriage is a button, even a lock, it locks in happiness and keeps it from going away… But must it be so? I don’t think so, and I don’t need to say why. Let’s think about the source of the problem, what is the purpose of marriage? Are you having children? No, if it was to have children, what would Dink’s people say in the past? Is the purpose of marriage for a stable relationship? It’s not right. ” If the two loves last for a long time, how can they be in the dark? ” is the best explanation. If lovers trust each other enough, why should they get married? Marriage is just a legal recognition and protection, right?

Then why do we have to get married? But when I look back and find that marriage seems to be a symbol of happiness, not to mention the days after marriage, at least being able to get married means that the days of love before marriage are happy, otherwise they will not enter the palace of marriage, then the source is It is found that we marry in order to prove that we are happy enough, show our happiness to everyone through marriage, and prove the love between us.

However, happiness does not have to be proved! Happiness belongs to both parties. When both parties can feel happiness, that is true love. Who says love must be of the opposite sex? But same-sex love is inherently against ethics and morality, so some people will comment on it as “disgusting”, but how many people will care about it in today’s tolerant society?

Even so, LGBTQ groups still hope to receive the same treatment as ordinary heterosexuals – blessings, no one will truly bless the love of LGBTQ groups from the bottom of their hearts, this is the most painful place in the heart.

Whenever I think back to the name engraved in my heart, I ask: “Why can’t I be a woman, so I can love him openly.”, but I will refute myself on the opposite side: “Even so If so, will you be happy?”. Will you be happy? I don’t think so. True happiness is mutual affirmation, not gender differences, and I think that’s why I’m willing to take this winding, tortuous, sinister, and painful path.

I think I will regret it in a moment, but I will not fall for a long time, I only have a simple desire to have a lover who loves each other and accompany me in the future, and marriage exists on the road of pursuing happiness, but from my group From the correct standpoint, I cannot have a marriage.

In this way, my view on marriage is: happiness is the interpretation of marriage, and when it is happy enough, it is no big deal without marriage .

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