Reading, maybe nothing will change

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After it was published on NewsLetter , it attracted a lot of dissent (many people responded to the email and unsubscribed). It is possible that most people did not read the entire content, leading to misunderstandings. The original intention is that everyone should read more books, reading books is beneficial, but just reading books blindly without practicing is definitely useless. It is like watching 500 costume movies, and having hundreds of tricks like flying over walls, walking on iron sand palms, etc. But if you don’t actually practice it once, you will definitely not know whether these moves are useful. In the end, when others say that these moves are just tricks, they think that what the other person says is bullshit and complete nonsense.

What can I say? It seems that there is no problem if I don’t say anything. I hope everyone will read more, look at their mobile phones less, and exercise more.


Starting in May, I suddenly lost the desire to read. This phenomenon lasted until the end of August, and I recently started reading again. I can’t explain why I suddenly don’t want to read anymore. I used to carry my kindle with me, but during that period I stopped carrying it with me. I put it in front of my computer desk every day, and occasionally opened it to see if the battery was charged, or to upgrade the system. I no longer look at the time, even before going to bed at night.

It’s like I suddenly feel tired after reading for so many years. I want to put down the book and watch videos and play games every day to feel the changes brought about by not reading. The biggest change is that sleep is irregular, and I accidentally fall into a cycle of not waking up. The impact of videos and games on the mobile phone screen will easily make bedtime after 12 o’clock, and I will be very tired the next day.

Occasionally, after watching 1,000+ movies, I watch a new movie and suddenly lose interest in exploring whether there is a new plot trend in the movie. I can always find similar storylines in the movies I have watched before. I once read a sentence somewhere: “In the 1980s, the creation of the film industry had almost stagnated, and there were no new subjects to shoot. Almost all the films made later can find similar themes from previous films. shadow.”

In the past two days, while scrolling through Twitter, I saw a sentence that said, “Poor Charlie’s Almanac can never be a manual to me. It is at best an internal company lecture. The reason for this: A Wall Street businessman who stole a machine made a fortune. Money, I attribute the process of making money to my love of reading.”

What is the reason why I have read books for so many years and bought several kindles? This is a question I have been thinking about recently. If you just look at the results, it seems that whether or not I read books does not help me much. At most, I can brag in front of my colleagues and talk more. I have met a few friends through non-stop blogging and reading notes. It went smoothly. I have worked in several companies and when I encounter some problems in my life, I have more ideas and verification methods. For other things, it seems that nothing will really change.

Studying at this stage only allows me to have better work and rest habits and ensure that I have enough energy to go to work the next day.


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