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When “Pantheon” was broadcast last year, I read its original novel by the way: “The Doomsday Trilogy” included in Liu Yukun’s short story collection “Singularity Immigrant” published in 2017. The dramas and novels are very good, but ideas such as consciousness uploading and online fighting are not new, at least there have been many precedents in Japanese animation. After reading Verno Vinge’s “True Names and Real Surnames” in the past few days, I am even more amazed. It turns out that many plots in that play were written by Wen Qi in the novel in the 1980s—that is a graphical interface. In the era that has not yet appeared, Wen Qi has conceived of virtual avatars, hacker wars, brain-computer interfaces, and controlling surveillance equipment around the world with the help of the Internet…

Last year, Metaverse became popular, and this year, Vision Pro attracted attention, but I was not particularly excited about it. Interesting indeed, and perhaps worth imagining their prospects, but the trajectory of human life has not been fundamentally changed; at least not in the way described in the 1981 novel “True Names and Surnames” to make human enthusiasm No longer limited by bodily functions. I look forward to such a future, as long as you still have dreams and enthusiasm, you can experience, explore and realize—”After a few years, decades, hundreds of years… it will be a thousand years of prosperity, and Ellie”.


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