Record the 2021 Amazon Spring Marathon using WebRTC technology to realize the multi-terminal whiteboard

2021 Spring Amazon Hackathon

1. WebRTC

Three interfaces provided by WebRTC

1. getUserdia

Request to get the user’s media stream

  • video stream video:ture
    • After getting the video object, add video.srcObject = localStream to the video object
  • audio stream audio: true
  • Pay attention to the compatibility of this API when using it

2. RTCPeerConnection

Establish connections between local users and remote users. (The first connection needs to be connected with the help of the server, and the server is required for the transfer. After the first connection, it does not need to be completed through the server)

  • Create RTCPeerConnection instance
 let PeerConnection = window . RTCPeerConnection || window . mozRTCPeeerConnection || window . webkitRTCPeerConnection  let peer = new PeerConnection ( iceServers )

There are two properties included in the iceServer parameter (for NAT traversal…

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