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Reason for buying a car

In fact, as early as three years ago, I really wanted to buy a car, although the house I rented at that time was only a five-minute walk from the place where I worked. And that winter vacation I discussed with my dad, he gave me two choices: either buy a house or get married.

Getting married was unlikely, and buying a house was a bit easier, so my dream of buying a car was dashed.

Until the house was renovated last year, I was planning to buy a car of my own this year. On the one hand, it was a long-term dream, and on the other hand, it was more than half an hour’s walk away from where I went to work. At that time, I was full of confidence, but I didn’t expect to be hit hard by the decoration company running away.

During the Chinese New Year, my dad gave me a card, saying that I can take 4.5W out of it, in case the decoration is not enough. After I had almost exhausted my savings, the house was barely renovated to be habitable. When I was buying electrical appliances, I thought, if only the decoration company didn’t run away; when I was buying furniture, I thought, if only the decoration company didn’t run away; when I was about to buy a car, I was still thinking, if the decoration company didn’t run away Enough.

The extra cost of nearly 40,000 yuan has become a hidden pain in my heart. From the very beginning, I couldn’t sleep when I thought about it, and then I slowly accepted this fact.

Around April this year, I accidentally saw someone asking “How to choose Changan uni-v and Yingbao”, or just these two cars plus several other cars of the same price. I kept the screenshots silently at the time, but didn’t know much about them because I knew I didn’t have the money to think about buying a car.

At the end of June, I moved, and the two days when I actually moved into my own house had no joy, no excitement, only endless exhaustion. This house, which has been renovated on and off for nearly a year, I have visited hundreds of times, but I didn’t feel like I moved into a new home when I moved in. After I moved in, I really realized the inconvenience of commuting—there is no subway in a small county, and there is no very convenient bus route. The bus outside the gate of the community does not go to work, and the waiting time for a taxi is also long, so I basically have to walk out of the community for nearly ten minutes and take a taxi at an intersection.

Autohome still understands Chedi?

After the summer break, I started to spend more time paying attention to this car besides perfecting some scattered issues – I don’t know why uni-v suddenly stood out and made me automatically ignore the others several cars.

I look at the parameters at Autohome, watch real shots, watch the videos of car reviewers at Station B, watch reviews at Zhihu, and discuss with friends. After repeated repetitions without too many new ideas, one day I finally began to pay attention to its landing price. Because the vast majority of car purchase information should be concentrated on Autohome and Understanding Chedi, I compared the transaction prices of the two platforms respectively.

Directly to the conclusion: the transaction price of Autohome is slightly higher. For example, the transaction price of the distinguished model in July is generally 128,000 and above, and the price is not very informative; the price of understanding the car emperor is relatively realistic. But there’s also a good chance that it’s mixed with water, because some are priced so low you can’t imagine.

And the experience that the two apps give me are also very different: I checked the reserve price once at Autohome, and a dealer called me; I checked the reserve price once at Understanding Chedi, and N dealers called me. over the phone. In addition, each model of Autohome has a real-time chat group, in which you can see some netizens sharing their budgets and transaction prices; while Knowing Chedi is full of so-called “preferential” and “discount” “”Buy for free”. The interface claims to be able to provide users with the reserve price for buying a car, various schedules and the like, but in fact it asks for your phone number, and then the dealer will contact you. If you add their staff’s corporate WeChat, you will find that you can’t get any useful information at all, and it is emphasized that they organize group purchases, bring purchases, and help to bargain.

Quote comparison

Since the local Chang’an store does not sell uni series, I decided to go to the main city to inquire, choose a dealer and roughly plan the route.

rough plan

But before going to the main city, following my friend’s advice, I got to know the market situation at a local car dealer. After applying for a manager, the lowest price for the uni-v premium model was 124,000, although I didn’t have a specific budget in mind. Price, but this price is obviously way beyond my budget.

This morning, I took a friend’s car and went to the dealership in the main city of Chongqing to see the car. There is another reason for going to the main city – they all provide test drives.

At the first store I went to, I said hello in advance to the young lady who added WeChat before. When we arrived, she was still busy serving a customer. After waiting, my friends and I went to experience the low-end uni-v in the showroom. We agreed that the interior is good and the design is great. Even I personally think that the interior space of the car is larger than I thought.

After she was done, she took the car keys and took us for a test drive. I can accept the tire noise that I have noticed on the Internet before. The power of the 1.5T is still strong, not a “virtual whale”, and the driving experience is quite satisfactory. . When she budgeted the price, she wrote down 12.7 (exactly to everyone, but I don’t remember it, the same below), and counting the discount of 3,000, it landed at 124,000.

The price is obviously unattractive, and I know she can definitely come up with a lower price. So I prepared for the words that I couldn’t sleep the night before to deal with exam preparation, expressing my meaning in two ways:

1. It is reasonable to understand that there is a cost to travel from the district or county to the main city, so I hope that there will be no routines and one step.

2. Be emotional , talk about the price I can afford and the price I expect in my heart, and hope that sales will help me achieve it.

I have said this set of words to several sales I have seen before and after, whether the transaction can be successful or not depends on fate. The young lady was very embarrassed. She went to discuss it with the leader and told him that only a fraction of a few hundred yuan could be erased, but if you talk sincerely, the minimum will be reduced to 123,000. After a futile conversation, we chose to leave.

The second store is not very far from the first one, and it was already 12:30 noon when I went there. The sales guy also came out wearing headphones under their (maybe the foreman?) shouting. We pretended to have just arrived from the district and didn’t even eat lunch. The younger brother also understands very well, so he asked if he wanted to go to their cafeteria to have some food. Although I had the idea of ​​eating rice before, I politely said, “It’s not good to eat without doing business.” My friend also declined, and my brother didn’t mention it again. The total price of the budget is the same as the first one, but the discount can only be reduced by 2,000. Although I have also “applied”, the minimum can only be given to 125,000. After some ineffective conversation, we also chose to leave.

After eating, we went to the third one and decided that if the price is still the same, then we will go to the neighboring district and county to talk, because when the price is the same, the closer the distance is, the more convenient it is.

The third store should receive us from their sales manager, because a staff member came to him to sign during the conversation. After the same verbal communication, the other party can only give a minimum of 123,000, which consists of the bare car price of 116,900, the purchase tax of 5,170, the insurance fee of 4,300, the license fee of 800 and the strength of the discount. At this time, I mentioned my financial ability again. I can barely afford 80,000 by myself and borrow 40,000 from a friend. I can understand that the price of 120,000 is difficult, so I won’t say much, just 122,000, the highest budget. But the price still couldn’t be negotiated, so I started with the registration fee of 800, confirmed my registration, and cut the price to 122,000. I ordered the car immediately, and didn’t go to see a few others.

Did you lose money?

Whether the price is expensive or not I can’t make an objective evaluation, but subjectively speaking, this price does meet my expectations. Since it is a new car that was only launched in March this year, and the car buying mode is that the user places an order on the app and picks up the car at the 4S store, the discounts that the dealer can give are indeed limited. The subsidy for civil servants and public institution staff is applicable to K and T but not V. My friend told me that this price should be the low price (not the reserve price) of the current normal channel.

Why did I set this psychological price firmly, because I combined the transaction price on the Internet and the quotations from the sales consultants of other netizens in the chat room. Before I went to the main city, I thought I could cut the price. Although there were some fluctuations in the middle, I finally persevered.

In short, a small suggestion: learn more about online consultation and transaction prices, and don’t believe in understanding the car emperor .

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