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This is the twenty-seventh issue of GeekPlux Lab, and each issue will be published simultaneously on the weekly page of my blog . At present, 2,753 students have subscribed to this week’s magazine. You are also welcome to subscribe by email . You can receive the update push as soon as possible. You can also find me on Weibo and Twitter .

The first two issues of Long-termism and Carnival and Disney – a huge business map have received a lot of praise, I am deeply moved, and I would like to thank them here. After the recent alternate release of free articles and paid articles, I gradually found that articles that are written in one go are usually more resonant, so this issue is also an improvisation.

still clumsy

Recently I am reading “Biography of Zeng Guofan” by Zhang Hongjie . I haven’t finished reading it, and the progress is 70%, but I have been convinced by several of Zeng Guofan’s life philosophies. The first is still clumsy .

The talent is clumsy, only constant breaking. – Zeng Guofan

I am a very ordinary person myself, this is something I suddenly realized when I entered my high school class, what my classmates learn without much effort, I may take three times as long to understand, which is very helpful to me, who thinks I am a bit “smart” It was quite a blow. There are also other students who were also hit, but many of them chose Shang Zhuo, Ri Gong Yi died, and persevered; while I chose Shang Qiao, who was eccentric and had no ink on his chest. Until the second half of the university, the learning experience of a classmate gave me inspiration: I was learning programming together, and I was always chasing all kinds of efficient development tools, all kinds of seemingly advanced programming languages, all kinds of novel concepts…

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