Redefine people within the system, and redefine things outside the system

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If we think hard about the difference between inside and outside the system, we can come to the conclusion of the title.

Within the system, you can follow the system to live and grow, and you can both prosper and lose with the system. You cannot easily enter the system, but if you enter the system, it is difficult for you to leave the system. As long as you don’t make some monstrous mistakes, most of the time you can stay in the system.

This stability also makes everyone in the system realize: I will work with this unhappy person in front of me for the rest of my life. This long-term and stable relationship makes people in the system more inclined to make the relationship better – after all, even if you tear your face today, don’t you still have to work together tomorrow? Even commuting to get off work together for decades to come. In this case, it is better to choose to settle down and not let the relationship become irreversible.

Private companies are different. Even though my country’s labor law protects workers, companies can still fire you upright if they want (it’s nothing more than giving you a few months’ wages). Everyone in the private company can realize that if I can’t see this boss, then I can choose to leave the company directly. Anyway, he can’t stop me. In the post-90s and post-00s, this state is more obvious. For enterprises, they will also pay more attention to whether a person can accomplish things. As long as they can do it, they can continue to accept them. If the company’s goals cannot be achieved, the employees are mercilessly fired.

Therefore, we can also observe the “rework people within the system, and things outside the system” mentioned in the title.

But just as I mentioned in the must-have black-and-white view , redefining people within the system doesn’t mean just being people, you also need to do things well; outside the system, you can’t just look at things and ignore people. You definitely don’t want your partner to be a scumbag who will only flatter your superiors, or will only do things and be cold to others. Correspondingly, we should not become such a person. We should master the way of being and doing things, and balance the relationship between the two, and we should not completely fall to either side.

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