Seeing problems in black and white

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When chatting with a friend about the difference between a state-owned enterprise and a private enterprise, the friend gave an interesting point of view:

In any company, there are political parts and business parts, but the proportions are different in different companies. For state-owned enterprises, the uniqueness of the enterprise itself makes him more politically inclined, so we see that state-owned enterprises often emphasize the need to be a human being. Among private companies, companies face greater uncertainty, so people will put more emphasis on business capabilities and less emphasis on politics. But there is no such thing as only politics or only business in any business.

I thought deeply about this sentence. In the past, I always believed that there is absolutely no politics in private enterprises. But after getting the new information, I have to admit that my past thinking was too naive. The world should not be a binary opposition. Most of them should be transitions, nothing more than a transition in which direction.

Be wary of your own thinking in the future.

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