“Resolve to Break Up”

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Throw that phone into the sea and let it sink into the depths where no one can find it.

After reading “Resolve to Break Up”, I decided to write an article. Today, I will analyze and analyze the details of the movie with you.

Branch plot at the beginning of the film

At the beginning of the film, criminal police officer Zhang Haijun is investigating two murders. They are the murder case in Zhijiudong and the case of the heroine Song Ruilai (played by Tang Wei) who fell from a mountain. The first time I watched it, what puzzled me was that the previous case seemed to have nothing to do with the whole plot, so why did the director spend so much time telling a side story.

Let’s review the Zhijiudong case: the murderer Hong Shanwu once fell in love with his girlfriend Wu Jiaren very much. Later, Wu had an affair with Xiaofan (the later deceased), and he stabbed his rival to death when he learned that he was angry with the green queen Hong Shanwu. After some arrests by the male protagonist of the criminal police, Hong Shanwu was forced to commit suicide by jumping off the edge of the rooftop. Before he committed suicide, he especially hoped to tell his girlfriend Wu Jiaren: “Although I suffer for you, my life would be empty if it weren’t for you.”

This confirms the confession of another suspect in the Zhijiudong case, a friend of Hong Shanwu (Li Zhijiu) in the previous episode.

That person, he would rather commit suicide than go back to prison, because the memories are too good.

This sentence points out the reason why Hong Shanwu chose to commit suicide by jumping off the building – the good memories of when he was with his girlfriend made him trapped in the past and unable to face the reality.

This is the tone of the whole story and hints at the ending of the hero and heroine.

The building from which Hong Shanwu jumped off, and the mountain where the heroine’s husband Qi Duxiu fell to his death, echoed the male protagonist’s bird’s-eye view. “Mountain” here implies a “solid relationship”, Hong Shanwu died for it, and Qi Duxiu was killed by it.

Main article

Below is a diagram of the main characters I drew. If you forget the plot, you can refer to it.

metaphor of mountain and sea

Back to the main story, important information has been revealed in the name of the heroine Song Ruilai. The word “Rui” has “mountain” in it, and the male advocate Haijun has “sea” in his name. The Chinese translator hides clues in the names of the two protagonists, which really amazes me. In addition, elements such as “Shan Hai Jing” and notes on the cover of the water pattern appear repeatedly in the story.

From the point of view of the heroine Song Ruilai, her swing between the two states of “mountain” and “sea” appears repeatedly in the film.

The first time she was interviewed at the police station, she mentioned that “the wise man enjoys water, and the benevolent man enjoys mountains. I’m not a wise man, so I like water.” This is a clear lie, an excuse to explain her quarrel with her husband. Because in the later episodes, she repeatedly mentioned that her mother told her before she died, “Go to the mountain where your grandpa lives in Korea.” The mountain that appears here is not only the hoe mountain in reality, but also the mountain that the heroine pursues in her heart.

And in the second half, after the heroine and the hero climbed Hoetou Mountain in the snow, the heroine said, “Mother told me, go to Korea, there will be this mountain there.”

It can be seen that the heroine has a rough life. After coming to Korea, she has been searching for a stable support in her heart. Her mother’s words guide her “Go there, there is your mountain”. However, the long-term abuse of her first husband after arriving in Korea made Song Ruilai hate the mountain in front of her, and regard the male Zhang Haijun as a mountain that she can truly rely on.

From the perspective of the male protagonist, his mountain is a shackle.

Mountains are solid and visible, and water flows invisible. The male detective, Zhang Haijun, has a wife who works in a nuclear power plant and has the same room on weekends. The relationship between the two is solid, but at the same time empty. The male protagonist often goes to see the sea alone at night. And his wife dismissed it.

Male protagonist: If you want me to say, I am a man of the sea!

Madam: What a man of the sea, obviously the inland is his hometown.

What the male protagonist wants to escape is the mountain in front of him. The moment he and the female protagonist meet, he clearly knows that they are the same kind of people.

two mobile phones

The first climax of the story is that after the male protagonist discovers the iron evidence that the female protagonist committed the crime, he falls into a “collapse” where he loses the chance to solve the case because of his indulgence in his feelings. After the male protagonist exposed Song Ruilai’s crime process, he still chose to abandon his identity and become an accomplice with Song Ruilai (which may have been a doomed arrangement in his life script), he said to Song Ruilai:

Throw that phone into the sea and let it sink into the depths where no one can find it.

For Song Ruilai, this sentence hit the softest part of her heart. When the male protagonist gave up what she valued most in front of her, she found that she had no way to break free from this relationship. After the male protagonist left, she shed a single tear.

Speaking of which, the most important clue in the movie is the phone. There are two mobile phones in the film. The first red mobile phone of the female protagonist recorded the clue that Song Ruilai killed her husband, and the mobile phone of the second husband recorded the male protagonist protecting Song Ruilai and covering up the murder clue. recording.

The fate of these two phones is also intriguing.

The first mobile phone (recording evidence of the heroine’s crime), the hero wanted to throw it away, but was kept by the heroine.

The other mobile phone (recording evidence of the male lead’s crime) was thrown into the sea by Song Ruilai on his own initiative, but was picked up by the male lead.

The evidence of these two crimes has become a bond that both sides cannot lose in order to protect each other.

At the end of the story, Song Ruilai did not choose to discard the mobile phone, but took this memory with him and disappeared into the sea no one knew about with the mobile phone. As she parted, she said:

You should lose the mobile phone that you fished out of the sea, and throw it into the deeper sea.

The words that were not said were probably “forget me, but I will remember you”.

wedding ring

Another recurring thread of the film is the wedding ring.

In the film, after the male protagonist and his wife are ashamed, the director gives a close-up of the wedding ring. The male protagonist has a small gesture of holding the wedding ring, implying that under the surface of the seemingly loving relationship between the male protagonist and his wife, there is no relationship between the two. Willing to break the indifference.

After the incident of her husband falling from a mountain, Song Ruilai went to the bathroom during the interrogation at the police station. She found that the wedding ring on her hand was not worn, and then quietly put it on. It also shows that she seems to be hiding something.

After the second husband of the female lead died, the male lead still had a wedding ring in his hand in the car that the male lead escorted the female lead.

But at the end of the film, when the two were in the same car for the second time, the male protagonist’s wedding ring had disappeared, and Song Ruilai’s hand held Zhang Haijun tightly:

crow’s feather

Another hint that comes up multiple times is black feathers. In order to repay the owner, the kitten fed by the hostess killed a crow and took it to the hostess. This is the foreshadowing of the female protagonist killing her husband and protecting the male protagonist in the second half.

The second and third appearances of crow feathers in the film flashed by when the male protagonist was investigating clues about the deaths of his two husbands. In fact, the male protagonist has long tied the death of his two husbands to the female protagonist.


In fact, there are many details in the movie. For example, many of the heroine’s Korean dialogues are learned from TV dramas; Song Ruilai’s two husbands died in the mountains and in the water respectively; the city in the film is famous for “fog”, and fog is Something in between the visible and the invisible…etc.

Finally, I sent Tang Wei’s expression. When Song Ruilai was driving to the beach, Zhang Haijun asked her on the phone, “When did I say I love you?” Song Ruilai’s four eyes in just a few seconds.

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