Zhan Zhan’s Words #5

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broken thoughts


I feel very tired recently. The reason may be because I have started to go to work, and my habits have not been adjusted. I want to sleep and let myself go to sleep all the time. No, I basically lay at home for two days on weekends, and I seem to be a waste.

Now I think the most important thing is to separate work and life. Because I am currently in a state of high-speed learning, it is inevitable that I need to use private time to continuously learn and organize the existing knowledge and use it for myself. Sometimes it feels like a full day, but it’s also really dizzy. After get off work, I just want to lie down.

On Friday, I reintegrated the previously written project code for easy use later. So I adjusted the code for almost a whole day, my dear, I really feel that the computer is spinning. It seems that I am not suitable to be a programmer who has to code every day. The current scientific research position selection is still relatively correct.

But I feel as if my current self is missing something, and after thinking about it, it may be an expression. I don’t like to post on Moments, and those things I see are not easy to repost. It’s still very uncomfortable to have them in my stomach. I still want to share them! I have decided, this agency may still share more of my life and knowledge in my telegram channel! The link is as follows:

Zhan Zhan’s broken words, sharing fun

It’s going to be so much fun! I hope that interested friends can subscribe and listen to me.

Hmph, this little paragraph is just a broken thought, and it’s also a small change and a flag!


I started listening to podcasts again. I listened to a lot of podcasts in 2017-19, and the software I used was pocket casts . At that time, podcasts were still a relatively small thing in China, but there were actually some interesting content, such as “Crazy Investment Circles”, “Entrepreneurship Insider”, “Update Sooner or later”, “Get Overwhelmed” and so on. Each podcast has its own different starting point. Compared with pure text, audio seems to be more relaxing; compared to video, audio does not require too much energy. Generally speaking, my definition of podcast is a kind of low-density media suitable for commuting or low mental work. To put it bluntly, it is to listen to play, gain insight, and listen to other people’s opinions. And being able to hear other people’s voices is more touching than dry words. At that time, it seemed that podcast creators were more driven by interest and shared personally.

In recent years, short video and long video platforms have emerged. The epidemic situation at home for a while has completely wiped out my previous ideals and habits. During that time, my entertainment was gradually occupied by the kind of videos from station B, and I listened to a lot less podcasts or even basically did not open the software. Finishing those broken videos every day is exhausting and wasteful. In my opinion now, many videos are really meaningless. After all, some people rely on this to eat, but there are many ways to eat rice. If you eat deliciously, you don’t care about other people’s experience.

And now I’m listening to podcasts again. Maybe the commute to get off work is a bit boring, and listening to music all the time is a bit boring. And I found that the podcast market in China is obviously richer now, and there is even a Chinese-specific app: Xiao Universe. Although I haven’t used it at all. But this is undoubtedly a good thing. Only with some native circles of Ontology can it develop slowly. A few days ago, in the opinion of the minority, an article introduced the current situation of Chinese podcast discovery: an article, understand the past and present of Chinese podcasts . The article is well written, the Chinese podcast really has a long way to go, and it was full of opportunities and challenges at the time. As a medium for “rising posture”, I still hope to hear different people sharing their lives. Their lives are high-level, but they are also like face-to-face friends. ‘s comments, after listening to it, I will smile more knowingly, feeling how big and wonderful the world is. This is also called enough.

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