RiboBio completes $40 million E1 round of financing

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On July 29, Ribo Bio announced the completion of a $40 million E1 round of financing. This round of financing was mainly completed by existing shareholders such as Panlin Capital and Sany Innovation Investment, as well as new institutional and individual investors in this round. The funds raised in this round will continue to support RiboBio’s multi-species global development at different R&D stages, as well as the iteration of existing small nucleic acid technology, especially the research on non-liver targeted delivery technology. The completion of this round of financing shows that new and old investors recognize Ribo Biotechnology and its past development, as well as their firm confidence in the company’s continued leadership in the nucleic acid drug track and creating a bright future.

Ribo Bio has deployed a number of innovative nucleic acid drugs in the fields of liver disease, cardiovascular disease, metabolic diseases, ophthalmology and other diseases, and has established a rich pipeline of small nucleic acid drugs. The trial (healthy people) has been successfully completed, and the Phase Ib clinical trial (HBV carriers) is more than halfway through. The clinical trial data obtained show that its safety and efficacy have reached the international advanced level of similar products. This year, the company will submit IND applications for a number of self-developed products.

Preclinical and clinical studies of several nucleic acid drugs of Ribo Biosciences show that the company’s self-innovated small nucleic acid RIBO-GalSTARTM liver-targeted delivery technology has fully matured and has reached the stage of rapidly launching innovative products. In addition, the company has also made good progress in the innovative research on the extrahepatic delivery of small nucleic acid drugs targeting the central nervous system, lung and other organs. The first overseas R&D center of RiboBio has been established and put into operation, which will greatly improve the efficiency of clinical development of the company’s products around the world and accelerate the internationalization process of product development and commercialization. At the same time, the large-scale small nucleic acid API industrialization facilities deployed by the company to support commercial production are being actively promoted.

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