river god

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Granny Tang waved the flag and shouted

The whole staff of Xiaoqianhe soup house

Drag and drag together

Pulled out the thorn of the rotten god

Unplugged bicycles, rags, refrigerators, fishing lines

Pulled out large swathes of rubbish and sludge

Rush through the medicinal bath

Just discovered

God of Decay doesn’t really rot

At the bottom of the pool, a blue dragon whistled and circled

Hahahaha I finally raised my eyebrows

The river god wants to soar

Slow and slow

There are still internal debris in the bath

May wish to face, clean, organize and store for a year

to fly higher and farther

So the river god is in the world

Turn the pool full of debris into a hundred poems

Oh no, I don’t want to fly so high or far

I don’t want to chase the wind anymore


Boats on the waves settle in the harbor

Peace to both ends of the world

Accompanying Qinghuan for one night and three meals

An unfamiliar place, a grand feast that cannot be repeated

Departure Departure Return Return

in front of you

I walked out of my last nightmare


The geese bring the last letter

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