The magic of sugar

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sour mulberry

Dip into the mellow wine

bitter gourd

put on honey

The fishy shredded pork is shaken into the sugar sand

Intense aroma in the fire

Unflavored hard peanuts whisked into syrup

Unstoppable quack

Boiled mung beans are frozen into sugar water

A summer popsicle that sucks a thousand times

Salty soy sauce, sour vinegar, two tablespoons of sugar

Three hundred lychees came out

ah? what do you say? Spicy?

It’s okay, it’s okay

can’t beat me

The chef has prepared the caramel


A lot of spicy rants hit

roll up your sleeves

Fry it in a big pot of delicious spicy chicken

Stranger who rolls around in sour, salty and bittersweet

wish you too

sugar in my heart

that way

There will always be light in the eyes

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