Second-tier stocks and advantages

Golfers commented on me that you have a strong judgment on sectors and the broader market, but you cannot choose individual stocks. This is the truth. I choose second-tier stocks, and generally buy the weakest one in the sector. There are many reasons for this.

1. Moutai 03 said that compared with Deng Xiaofeng, his research is not a real research. After he listened to Deng Xiaofeng’s research, he realized that there is still such a high-rise building, ahead of the market’s investment research.

My research is even weaker, and it is difficult to predict the reversal of the industry in advance. In most cases, it is judged based on market sentiment and sector strength. Generally, the industry leader goes out of strength and the stock price rises by 50%-100%. Only then can I see the strength of the sector.

At this time, most institutions and ordinary investors do not necessarily realize that the share price of second-tier stocks may rise by 30%-50%. I think it’s a safe bet to buy in this position. If the sector market continues to be strong, from this point in time, the increase in the second-tier stocks in the final stage may far exceed that of the industry leader. (Note: It cannot be compared from the starting point, but only from the point you can identify and buy.)

2. I am very concentrated, and I hold 50% or even more than 100% of the heavy stocks. It’s okay to be weak, but I can’t stand the slump.

3. Large institutions have stock pools and investment committees. After the researcher’s research, the investment committee decides to enter the stock pool before the fund manager can buy it. Therefore, large institutions are slower to respond.

Small institutions with a few people who are both researchers and fund managers can buy directly when they see the survey minutes or announcements, but the amount of funds is small and the impact on the stock price is also small.

If this is the case, is there no chance for large institutions?

Large institutions have stronger research teams, closer ties with listed companies, and more stable clients and funds.

It is this attribute that makes large institutions ahead of the market and buy industry leaders. They need the left side, they need performance certainty, they need to hold for the long term.

4. After reading the above, you will know that I intend to avoid competition with large institutions.

Moreover, the time difference was effectively used. I saw the research summary of Hengdian East Magnetics on May 5th and bought it on May 6th. Later, the agency continued to investigate, and the information gradually became clear.

The same is true for Tiantong shares. It saw the daily limit on June 10 and bought it on June 14. I think the PV N-type cell route has all been hyped, but the CCZ stove has not been confirmed by the market. On June 15, the survey voice and survey summary came out.

Photovoltaic equipment 881275 has recently risen by 50%, and Tiantong shares have risen by 60%, which is not much, and meets my standard for second-tier stocks. Since the end of 2018, photovoltaic equipment has risen by 700%, and Tiantong shares have risen by 150%.

5. Of course, compared to my judgment on the plate and the broader market, I don’t think my advantages have been fully exerted.

Therefore, I will also learn from large institutions and be able to intervene in industry leaders in advance.

After the plate is confirmed, the most elastic target in the plate can be found out. This is why I want to make friends with golfers. I think independently, can share ideas, and have a strong understanding of certain industries.

Attachment: N-type batteries, the technological route change has become a dark line in the A-share market segment, because they belong to different industries, and basically no one has summarized them.

TOPCON equipment : Jiejia Flextronics, Haimuxing, etc.

High- purity quartz sand : N-type batteries, increased use of high-purity quartz sand, Quartz Co., Ltd., Triumph Technology, and Zhongqi New Materials.

CCZ stove : CCZ, better match with N-type battery? Tiantong shares.

GCL Technology: Compared with the mainstream RCz technology in the industry, the more advanced CCz technology has lower and more uniform oxygen content, slower accumulation of metal impurities, and more importantly, its axial resistivity distribution is uniform, and its fluctuation can be controlled within 10%. This makes CCZ monocrystalline wafers more suitable for high-efficiency N-type and gallium-doped P-type cells.

Diamond wire : N-type battery, diamond wire refinement, tungsten busbar. Xiamen Tungsten Industry, China Tungsten High-tech.

TOPCON battery: Jolywood, Junda, King Kong Glass, etc.

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