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Forge ahead in a new journey and make contributions to a new era (12)

Accelerate the progress towards a “world-class strong port”

“Seeking Truth” magazine reporter Wei Tianshu Zhejiang Daily reporter Weng Jie

Looking up from the outdoor platform on the 12th floor of the Chuanshan port area of ​​Ningbo Zhoushan Port, you can see a busy scene: 11 world-class deep-water berths are lined up in sequence, and more than 300 domestic and international container routes meet here. Giant ships come and go freely. Every second a container moves in and out of the port here.

On the afternoon of March 29, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the Chuanshan Port Area of ​​Ningbo Zhoushan Port and pointed out that “the port is a basic and pivotal facility and an important support for economic development. Ningbo Zhoushan Port is jointly building the ‘Belt and Road’, It plays an important role in national strategies such as the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. It is a ‘hard core’ force. It is necessary to adhere to first-class standards, build and manage the port well, strive to build a world-class strong port, and make improvements for the country’s development. Great contribution.”

Ningbo Zhoushan Port, bearing in mind the entrustment of General Secretary Xi Jinping, deeply implements integrated development, breaks through the bottleneck of traditional port development with digital empowerment, builds a strategic hub under the new development pattern, and accelerates its progress towards a “world-class strong port”.

Integration: Create “1+1>2” effect. Twenty years ago, the annual container throughput of Ningbo Port was less than 2 million TEUs, ranking ninth in the country. Zhoushan Port has a small land hinterland and many coastline resources. Although the two ports are located in the same sea area and use the same waterway, the planning, construction, operation and management of the ports are separated from each other, and it is difficult to optimize the allocation of coastline resources.

Strengthening the union between Ningbo and Zhoushan, and gradually promoting the integrated development of Ningbo Port and Zhoushan Port, was planned and promoted by Comrade Xi Jinping when he was working in Zhejiang. On December 20, 2005, the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port Management Committee was established, and Comrade Xi Jinping, then secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, personally went to unveil the plaque. On December 27, 2006, the annual container throughput of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port exceeded 7 million TEUs, and he personally started the lifting button for the 7 millionth container. From May 1, 2018, all the texts involving the port name “Ningbo-Zhoushan” in the “China Port Code” have been changed to “Ningbo Zhoushan”. The disappearance of this bar marks a new step in the integration of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port.

Today, the integrated development of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port is continuously advancing in depth, the “dead corners” of management differences are gradually returning to zero, and the regional port integration reform is advancing towards a higher level, a wider scope, and a deeper dimension. In 2021, the annual cargo throughput of Ningbo Zhoushan Port has exceeded 1.2 billion tons, ranking first in the world for 13 consecutive years; the annual container throughput exceeded 30 million TEUs for the first time, ranking third in the world.

Digitization: Forge the “hard core” power of a first-class strong port. In the remote control room of Meishan Port, Tian Pingwu, the first female gantry crane driver at Ningbo Zhoushan Port, gently flipped the handle to control the gantry crane 3 kilometers away. “This intelligent gantry crane operating system integrates technologies such as video surveillance, precise positioning, the Internet of Things, and PLC control, which is equivalent to moving the cockpit to a computer for remote operation.” Tian Pingwu told reporters.

As the pioneering place for Ningbo Zhoushan Port to build a smart port, the Meishan Port Area under construction has achieved nearly 40% automation of the whole process of loading, unloading, transportation, and scheduling, and fully unmanned operations in designated areas. “Last year, our self-developed container terminal production operating system covered Meishan, Chuanshan, Jintang and other container port areas, ending the history of domestic ‘tens of millions’ terminals relying on foreign operating systems, and greatly accelerated the circulation of empty containers, becoming a crack The next key to the epidemic situation is that it is difficult to find a box and there is a shortage of space.” The relevant person in charge of the port said.

The picture shows the Chuanshan port area of ​​Ningbo Zhoushan Port where ships come and go. Photo courtesy of Zhejiang Seaport Group Tang Jiankai/Photo

In August 2021, Ningbo Zhoushan Port was severely impacted by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Relying on the “Port Brain” system, the port-wide production plan was reorganized in just two days. Through the temporary dispatch of ships and special shift operators, it was ensured that large ships entered and exited quickly. , to ensure smooth logistics. Compared with the severe detention in foreign countries and the waiting time for berthing for several weeks, large ships can enter the port for loading and unloading in less than a day.

New Coordinates: Create a new hub for China Unicom’s sea and land. In August 2021, a special train loaded with more than 3,200 tons of iron ore entered Luotuoxiang Station in Lanzhou City, and Ningbo Zhoushan Port’s iron ore water-iron transfer business entered the northwest inland. In the past two years, relying on the close alliance and cooperation relationship, high-grade iron ore from Brazil’s Vale Company has been continuously transported to major cities across the country after mixing operations at the Shulang Lake Terminal and relying on the strong river-sea combined transportation capacity of Ningbo Zhoushan Port. Steel companies.

In March 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in his inspection: “Ningbo Zhoushan Port takes the lead in resuming production, which is of great significance to promoting the resumption of work and production of Chinese enterprises, the restoration of the logistics system, and the restoration of the global industrial chain.” Ningbo Zhoushan Port is located in the north-south and east-west The intersection of the waterways is an important strategic fulcrum for the joint construction of the “Belt and Road”, the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. In the century-old test of fighting against the epidemic, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has turned the crisis into an opportunity to open up a new situation, expand and strengthen the multimodal transport system featuring river-ocean combined transport, sea-rail combined transport and sea-river combined transport, to realize the two-way opening of east and west, and the development of sea and land connectivity. .

“In April 2020, the railway Chuanshan Port Station was put into use, and our port area has achieved a ‘seamless connection’ between railway and shipping.” Fang Jianbo, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Ningbo Beilun Third Container Terminal Co., Ltd. told reporters that the port station operation team The train has been upgraded from 1 class per day at the beginning to 10 classes per day now, and the inland extends as far as Chongqing. Today, Ningbo-Zhoushan Port has three direct railways, and the sea-rail combined transport business has spread to 62 prefecture-level cities in 16 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), covering nearly half of the country’s sea-rail network.

Reporter’s Notes:

From Ningbo and Zhoushan ports, to Ningbo-Zhoushan Port, and then to today’s Ningbo-Zhoushan Port, the name change has witnessed the extraordinary development experience of the world’s largest port and confirmed the foresight of General Secretary Xi Jinping. Today, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has become a strategic fulcrum connecting and serving the vast hinterland of the central and western regions and the countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, and the dream of “a world-class strong port” is gradually becoming a reality.

Innovation achieves “mountains and rivers”

“Seeking Truth” magazine reporter Guo Feiran, Hunan Daily reporter Liu Yong

In the warm wind of May, accompanied by a whistle, a group of China-Europe trains carrying nearly 500 sets of advanced construction machinery and equipment set off from Changsha, Hunan to Europe, which is thousands of miles away. Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, how has Shanhe Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. grown from a small sampan to a large ship, sailing abroad through the wind and waves? The answer is: innovation.

On September 17, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Shanhe Intelligence for inspection in the rain, walked into the company’s production workshop, inspected the equipment manufacturing process, and learned about technology research and development, production and manufacturing. The general secretary emphasized that independent innovation is the life of an enterprise, and it is the foundation for an enterprise to climb the slopes and grow stronger; the key core technologies must be firmly in their own hands. The ardent words of the general secretary have inspired Sunward Intelligent to continuously move towards the goal of the world’s top equipment manufacturing enterprise.

Firmly follow the “thorny” road of innovation. In 1999, in order to promote the industrialization of scientific research results, Professor He Qinghua resolutely “goes into the sea” to found Sunward Intelligent, vowing to “turn new things on paper into new products that can be used”. In the same year, the first hydraulic static pile driver independently developed by He Qinghua’s team came out, and Sunward’s innovative road started.

For enterprise development, there are thousands of roads, but innovation is the most difficult one. Especially in 2006, when Sunward Intelligent gained a firm foothold in the field of construction machinery and equipment and successfully landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Sunward people did not choose to breathe a sigh of relief, rest their feet, and choose “big road goods” projects that can easily make money. Firmly follow the “thorny” road of innovation, continue to deepen the field of construction machinery and equipment, and enter new fields such as special equipment and general aviation that are more difficult to develop.

“Although it is difficult, costly, and difficult to see benefits in a short period of time, the more the country develops, the more it needs equipment in these new fields. Our company is obliged to go down this road and break through,” He Qinghua said. . The blue thread on the road leads to the opening of the mountains and forests. In September 2020, Hunan became the country’s first pilot province for the reform of global low-altitude airspace management. The demand for general aviation equipment both inside and outside the province has grown exponentially. Shanhe Intelligent relies on a series of pioneering achievements in the domestic light sport aircraft field. Sexual achievements, usher in broad market prospects. In 2021, Sunward Intelligent will achieve an operating income of more than 11.4 billion yuan.

Climb the peak bravely and resolutely “do not copy homework”. In the first quarter of this year, Sunward Intelligent released 8 high-end equipment for underground engineering to global customers. Among them, the appearance of the world’s highest fully hydraulic crawler pile frame is particularly eye-catching.

Pile frame is an indispensable mechanical equipment for foundation construction, mainly used for piling construction. Height is the core indicator to measure the crawler pile frame. The higher the height, the greater the depth and strength of a single drilling, and the more suitable it is for difficult super engineering. But for construction machinery manufacturing, every time the pile frame is raised by 1 meter, the difficulty of ensuring its own stability and safety increases exponentially. Previously, the design height of the highest crawler-type pile frame in China was 48 meters.

“Do the highest!” The Chen Zilin R&D team of the Third Research Institute of Sunward Intelligent Basic Equipment Division launched a charge aiming at the 60-meter level, which is the highest level in the world for pile frame products. With no experience to learn from, and no drawings to refer to, they tried and tested to overcome one problem after another.

The picture shows the excavator equipment produced by Shanhe Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Hunan Daily reporter Guo Liliang / photo

Someone once suggested that if there is a gap in the assembly of the rear cantilever of the pile frame, it will cause the column to shake. Is the current mature Japanese-made bolt connection structure directly used to solve the problem? Chen Zilin and his colleagues replied: “No! Independent innovation means resolutely ‘do not copy homework’, otherwise how can we say that we have mastered key core technologies?” In the end, they designed multiple sets of wedge-shaped compression structures, which can not only eliminate gaps, but also solve the problem of shaking , and more convenient for disassembly and transportation. This “world-class” product with a piling mast height of 62 meters took only 10 months from project initiation to product rollout.

Independent innovation, the road is long and long, and the road is coming. Today, Sunward is one of the top 50 construction machinery companies in the world. It has built the world’s leading rotary drilling rig and the world’s first lead-hole static pile driver… In 2021, Sunward’s patent applications will increase by 142% year-on-year.

Tackling key problems intelligently and empowering high-quality development. As the main direction of building a strong manufacturing country, the development of intelligent manufacturing plays an important role in consolidating the foundation of the real economy and promoting high-quality development.

General Secretary Xi Jinping watched the demonstration of the intelligent remote control excavator when he visited Shanhe Intelligent. “Shortly after the general secretary’s inspection, the same product was delivered in batches.” Liu Changsheng, vice president of Sunward Intelligent Special Equipment Research Institute, said confidently, “As long as there is a 5G signal, the use of Sunward Intelligent’s intelligent equipment can be achieved. The remote construction spanning tens of millions of miles has effectively solved the construction problems in emergency rescue situations and high-risk and harsh environments.”

“Intelligent” has become an increasingly dazzling logo of Sunward Intelligent. At present, Sunward Intelligence is making every effort to tackle digital twin technology. “In simple terms, it is to make a high-fidelity digital prototype in the computer, conduct virtual experiments, and obtain various data, which can be applied to product development, production, construction and other links, greatly shortening the trial production time that may have taken many years. At the same time, it can improve the operating efficiency of the equipment and reduce energy consumption,” said He Songquan, director of the Sunward Intelligent Technology Research Institute. To promote equipment data interconnection and energy management, from individual production links to intelligent production of the entire line, a series of measures have increased the maximum monthly production capacity of Sunward’s intelligent excavators and rotary drilling rigs by nearly 30%. Sunward Intelligence is striding forward on the road of technological innovation with firm belief and persistent pursuit.

Reporter’s Notes:

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out when inspecting Sunward Intelligence, “The key core technologies must be firmly in our own hands, and the manufacturing industry must also be in our own hands.” Sunward Intelligent has transformed the ardent entrustment of the general secretary into a huge drive for striving for the first place and independent innovation. Starting from the needs of the continuous upgrading of the construction of a major country, it strives to win the battle of key core technologies and contribute to the high-quality development of the equipment manufacturing industry.

Hengqin: A movement for in-depth cooperation between Guangdong and Macao

“Seeking Truth” magazine reporter Li Haihua “South” reporter Liu Yanhui

Passing through the urban area of ​​Zhuhai, driving over the Hengqin Bridge, Hengqin Island is in front of you. Outside Huandao East Road, Macau is just a stone’s throw away.

For the hot land of Hengqin, General Secretary Xi Jinping is here. In December 2012, when the general secretary visited Hengqin, he encouraged everyone: “We must carry forward the spirit of being the first, try first, further expand opening up, be brave in exploration, and be brave in making breakthroughs, and in terms of system and mechanism innovation, make contributions to the cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. contribute”. Since then, the general secretary has repeatedly emphasized that “especially the article on the cooperation between Zhuhai and Macao to develop Hengqin” and “speed up the construction of the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao in-depth cooperation zone”, pointing out the direction for the development of Hengqin. On September 5, 2021, the “Overall Plan for the Construction of Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone” issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council was released. From the green fields of banana forests and sparse farms, to the opening frontier and modern new city, Hengqin ushered in a magnificent butterfly change.

Qin’ao explores with one heart and one mind. Bold changes and innovations are the background colors of Hengqin, a vibrant island. “Hengqin adheres to problem orientation and goal orientation, and develops 12 types of rules to connect paths, involving social and people’s livelihood, economic development, urban construction, market supervision, business environment and other aspects, forming a large number of Hengqin experiences that can be replicated and promoted.” Hengqin Relevant persons in charge of the Executive Committee of the Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone are familiar with reform and innovation.

In recent years, Hengqin has actively explored the connection between the rules and mechanisms of the two places, and has taken the lead in making breakthroughs in the management model and business environment. More than 3,600 government affairs matters in Hengqin have been “one-stop service”, and commercial registration has taken the lead in realizing “cross-border handling, one-place two-notes”; the first batch of tax policies supported by the state and Guangdong Province to support the development of cooperation zones has been officially implemented, which is similar to that of Macau. The tax burden environment has been further formed; more than 600 reform and innovation measures have been introduced, of which 4 innovation cases have been selected as “Best Practice Cases in the National Free Trade Pilot Zone”… The unprecedented new system of Guangdong and Macao co-consultation, co-construction, co-management and sharing is running well.

At present, Hengqin is fully carrying out the construction of the second phase of the “first-line” Hengqin port, making every effort to promote the construction of the “second-line” infrastructure in the cooperation zone, and striving to have the conditions for closed customs operation by the end of the year. At that time, the open functional form of Hengqin will undergo fundamental changes, and a new pattern of “first-line release, second-line control” for goods and highly convenient entry and exit of personnel will be officially ushered in, laying a more solid foundation and conditions for the integrated development of Qin and Macao.

Diversified industries promote development. Promoting the moderately diversified development of Macao’s economy is the original intention of building the Hengqin Cooperation Zone. “Hengqin can give full play to its geographical advantages near Macau, learn from international experience, and form a distinctive ‘innovation-driven + market-driven’ industrial development path.” Gong Bin, president of Zhuhai Advanced Integrated Circuit Research Institute, commented on Hengqin’s high-tech industry development full of confidence.

Based on the resource endowment and development foundation of Guangdong and Macao, Hengqin promotes the real economy to become bigger and stronger with a clear policy orientation. Today, Hengqin has more than 10,000 technology-based enterprises, and 20 national and provincial technology innovation platforms such as technology business incubators and new R&D institutions. In the Guangdong-Macao Cooperation Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park, 226 registered companies cover a wide range of fields such as traditional Chinese medicine, medical devices, biomedicine, and medical services, showing an initial industrial cluster effect. At the same time, more and more financial enterprises are favoring Hengqin. As of the end of June 2022, there are more than 700 financial enterprises in Hengqin.

The dazzling transcripts show the vigorous development of the Hengqin industry. In 2021, the GDP of the Hengqin Cooperation Zone will reach 45.463 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.5%. In the first half of 2022, Hengqin’s industry experienced rapid growth, and the added value of industries above designated size increased by 54.8%; the added value of the financial industry increased by 11% year-on-year, accounting for 36.7% of the regional GDP.

The picture shows Hengqin Financial Island. Photo courtesy of the Administrative Affairs Bureau of the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone

Intelligence gathers strength. Planting a plane tree will attract a phoenix. Thanks to the continuous improvement of infrastructure, continuous improvement of scientific research conditions and continuous enterprising spirit of innovation, Hengqin attracts talents from Hong Kong and Macao to come to pursue their dreams. In Building 5 of Hengqin·Macao Youth Entrepreneurship Valley, Lei Zhen, a young man from Macau, led Najin Technology to build an independent intellectual property rights system with more than 40 invention patents as the main body; in the 8th building next door to the Zhuhai UM Science and Technology Research Institute, scientific research The results are being continuously transformed from “laboratory” to “production line”…

In order to help innovation and entrepreneurship, Hengqin implemented the “double 15%” preferential policies for corporate income tax and personal income tax, and introduced a series of powerful measures such as rent subsidies and cross-border practice. Platforms such as Hengqin·Macao Youth Entrepreneurship Valley provide each enterprise with four tailor-made butlers of investment promotion services, enterprise services, park services, and talent services, providing “one-stop” professional services. From financial support to platform construction, from talent incentives to employment subsidies, Hengqin fully supports talent entrepreneurship and employment. As of June 2022, Hengqin has incubated a total of 562 young enterprises from Hong Kong and Macao, including 519 projects in Macao. In addition, more than 1,000 Macao professionals in the fields of architecture, design, tourism, and medical care have obtained cross-border practice qualifications.

In order to create a living circle that is similar to Macau, Hengqin has accelerated the connection between public services and social security systems, and accelerated the construction of “Macau New Neighborhoods” and other projects. As of June 2022, a total of 8,906 Macao residents have applied for residence permits, and public medical institutions in Hengqin have served over 74,000 Macao residents.

Qin Ao and Ming, the original intention is like a rock. With the smoother mechanism, more convenient customs clearance, more efficient operation, and more sufficient kinetic energy, on the fertile soil of Hengqin, the in-depth cooperation between Guangdong and Macao is getting louder and louder.

Reporter’s Notes:

Accelerating the construction of the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone is a major decision and deployment made by the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core. With the joint efforts of builders on both sides of the Hao River, the integrated development system and mechanism of Qin and Macao have been further improved, the economic strength and technological competitiveness of the cooperation zone have been greatly improved, the public service and social security system have been operating efficiently, and the supporting role of promoting the moderate and diversified development of Macao’s economy has been promoted. more and more apparent. Hengqin vividly interprets the strong vitality and superiority of “one country, two systems” from the beginning of writing and writing to the magnificent chapter.

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