Selfishness and Greedy

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Appropriately selfish, but not greedy.

After learning management for so many years, in addition to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory , which is the most impressive and can be mentioned from time to time in work, there is Adam Smith’s hypothesis of economic man . The economic man assumes that everyone strives to maximize their own interests, which I call selfishness . Social man assumes that people’s greatest motivation is social needs. I don’t think this escapes the category of selfishness. It’s just that the types of needs are somewhat different. Cowardly and distant, regardless of high and low, can have both, but want too much, or get nothing for nothing, or even wishful thinking, then this is greed .


Rather than struggling with whether it is human nature to be good or inherently evil, I think people are inherently selfish. Society is composed of an individual, and it is invalid to talk about the collective without the individual. When the individual cannot be satisfied, the function of the collective cannot be normal. I can’t do the Prisoner’s Dilemma ‘s choice 1 that the seminary students make. It’s the power of a detached faith that I admire, but I can’t do it truthfully.

not evil

Do not be evil is my lifelong creed, and it is not easy to implement. In layman’s terms, it means not to cause trouble for others, but it is not to trouble others, but to cause trouble, and sometimes it is necessary to trouble others. I call such people a friend. I think not doing evil is the bottom line of selfishness. Don’t harm others to benefit yourself. It is even more hateful to harm others and not benefit yourself. It is difficult to succeed in the right way, but it is easy to lead you astray in the wrong way, but overtaking on a corner is not a bad idea, at least I think it is suitable for people like me who are not professional in some professional fields.

Poetry and the power of distance

Selfishness will be a driving force, and it will not go against the mainstream values ​​of society. For example: I want to buy an off-road vehicle (this is the truth, I really want to buy it) and I want to fight for world peace for the rest of my life (this is also not a lie). There is no distinction between ideals. It seems that the first one is to satisfy my own selfish desires, and the second one is altruism. It is very likely that both of them require me to strive to improve my personal professionalism, but the first one will be more helpful. I achieve the purpose of improving my personal ability. Because from improving personal ability to poetry and distance, the first one will be closer to me, more realistic, and more motivated. At the same time, I think these “selfish” small goals add up to help me achieve “big” goals.


I don’t think I’m greedy, and to be honest, if it wasn’t for something I’ve encountered recently, I’d never have taken the word “greed” seriously. When you don’t have such a concept in your mind, how can you have such an idea. The little thing I encountered told me that greed tends to show up when you achieve something, maybe it’s drowning in joy, and it’s hormonal stimulation that makes us more daring. I think staying calm, pouring yourself some cold water every now and then, and looking in the mirror will give you a better idea of ​​who you are.

original sin

There is greed in the seven deadly sins, there is no selfishness. I think it’s because greed is an “excessive” pursuit and selfishness is not that “excessive”. I have a lot of things I want, at least I don’t think it’s too much, but I will also be content, because contentment is always happy, the most important thing in life is to be happy. I would juxtapose greed and opportunism. On the one hand, opportunistic behavior is often a blockage or evil that ignores the feelings of others. On the other hand, the situation presented by opportunism is not necessarily “opportunity”. Seizing opportunities is important, but examining opportunities should not be underestimated. Don’t let “opportunities” get carried away.

just do you best

Greed is endless selfishness, unrealistic selfishness, and insatiable greed is aptly described. I think this is what the head of the Soldier Assault said to Xu Sanduo: “Want and get, there are two words in the middle, that is to do it, you can only get it if you do it.” Recognize yourself, do what you can, know how much you need to pay for what you want, and then struggle and work hard to get it. Some people may say, if you don’t do it, how do you know you can’t do it? I can’t find anything wrong with this sentence, but I think a person’s ability, in addition to being able to see opportunities, is also a very good group of people who can recognize reality.

my choice

Appropriately selfish . There is a bottom line, through self-awareness and self-practice, hard work, responsibility, tolerance and altruism. The bottom line is to clarify right and wrong, not evil. Self-awareness and practice is to recognize yourself and the environment you are in, and do not imagine and impulsive. Struggle and struggle means to do it, to do it hard, and then to have the opportunity to achieve self-realization. Taking responsibility means that everything is “none of my business” and “none of your business”. We are ourselves and a member of the society. We have rights, obligations and responsibilities. Should we take responsibility or take responsibility, this is like a man. Tolerance and altruism I think must be the result of transcending extreme selfishness after doing so.

  1. In my impression, it should be mentioned in the open class Justice: What’s The Right Thing To Do at Yale University. The result of the seminary students is that they do not report each other. ↩︎

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