“Serval Technology” announced the completion of the A round of financing


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36氪 was informed that the security start-up “Serval Technology” has recently completed the A round of financing. This round of financing amounted to tens of millions of RMB, led by Source Code Capital, followed by Honghua Fanxing Wangan Angel Fund and old shareholder Yunjiu Capital. According to the company, together with Sany Group and Shenjian Capital, its overall financing amount has reached over 100 million yuan.

Serval Technology was established in 2021, and its main business focuses on data security. Company CEO Wang Yu introduced to 36Kr that most of its team members have many years of experience in safety and entrepreneurship. The reason why this startup chose the data security track is mainly to find that the current data security field has broad prospects, but there are still many unmet needs. In recent years, driven by multiple factors such as the accelerated application of big data, the promulgation of national security policies, and the frequent occurrence of security incidents, the importance of data security has become increasingly prominent. However, the reality is that there is a clear gap between the data security market demand and actual development.

If compared from the perspective of attack and defense, it can be found that the security iteration can be divided into three stages: static, dynamic and static combination and dynamic quantification, and situational awareness. In the third stage, companies such as Crowdstrike have also emerged, which can quantify the threat flow map within the enterprise from a dynamic perspective. However, looking at the field of data security, Wang Yu feels that most of the current products are still based on static and single points, and cannot examine data security issues from a dynamic and overall perspective.

“This is where we think data security products can be further explored.” Wang Yu introduced. The idea of ​​Serval Technology is to start from a dynamic and overall perspective, hoping to help enterprises to quantify data leakage channels and make data flow transparent.

The quantification of data leakage channels and the transparency of data flow are explained in easy-to-understand language, that is, to tell the internal administrator of the enterprise which channels and how the data assets of the enterprise will flow. To do this, companies need a data asset map and an asset flow map. Serval Technology’s products hope to help companies achieve this goal.

Turning goals into actions, Serval Technology’s approach is to create a series of innovative threat detection and response (DR) products, covering the entire link system of “terminal x traffic”, combined with professional services such as penetration testing, security auditing, and data consulting. Provide enterprises with a holistic, next-generation data security solution.

In today’s conception, Serval Technology’s DR series products can cover terminals, servers, and gateways to help enterprises draw asset maps. The team’s ability to analyze various protocols and understanding of the business allows it to draw the asset flow diagram in more detail.

On the landing side, the company has launched DDR (Data Detection and Response) and ADR (ADR) API security detection and response products on DR products. The former is a terminal data detection and response product based on technologies such as intelligent content recognition engine, driver-level terminal application event monitoring, and leak risk detection. The latter is based on a high-performance traffic collection engine and multi-dimensional detection strategies to dynamically profile business application traffic and clean all-scenario traffic, thereby discovering security issues such as API attack events, business risks, and abnormal behavior.

In addition to terminals and gateways, Wang Yu said that the company has also deployed on the server side. In the future, Serval Technology also plans to integrate team offensive and defensive technology with R&D to launch related data security products. In his view, the data security issue of an enterprise is not only a security management issue in the office, but also covers offensive and defensive content. “Is the customer’s data leaked or ‘stolen’? We have to answer these questions.” Wang Yu said. Taking documents as an example, Serval Technology should not only care about whether there is sensitive data leakage in the documents, but also whether there is malicious code. The leakage of sensitive data belongs to the category of security management, and the malicious code belongs to the category of offense and defense.

Speaking of offensive and defensive capabilities, Wang Yu also mentioned TriangleLab. According to reports, as the offensive and defensive sharp knife team of Serval Technology, TriangleLab was born out of the offensive and defensive team of Juan Technology. The team has won the first place in national, provincial and municipal defense network attack and defense drills for many times, and provides customers with security services such as penetration testing, code auditing, and emergency response. In addition, data consulting is also an important service sector created by Serval Technology. The goal is to provide customers in various industries with overall top-level design solutions from consulting planning to implementation and construction. Talking about the industry ecology, Wang Yu said that a single product may not be able to meet the real needs of customers. Serval Technology hopes to create a trinity of next-generation data security solutions of “products x security services x data consulting”. He introduced that since the development of the company, its business has covered many industries such as finance, new economy, government, operators, manufacturing, e-commerce Internet, and energy.

In terms of team, the founders and core team of the company are all from domestic and foreign leading security manufacturers or Internet companies. The company’s CEO Wang Yu has appeared on the Black Hat conference 9 times as the sole author, and has been a long-term judge of the GeekPwn (Excellent) International Security Geek Competition. COO Duan Dinglong, the former co-founder of Dive+, has a comprehensive background in entrepreneurship, management and technology. CSO Li Fu is the founder of Yuanjuan Technology. He has more than 10 years of experience in Party A’s safety construction and Party B’s safety service. Chen Yusen is the co-founder of the original Changting Technology (later acquired by Ali), and has rich experience in to B security entrepreneurship.

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