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Seeing so many people wanting to moisten, I want to share a few things that impress me now, for your reference.

These are the smallest, simplest, and most common things in life. Compared with the small probability of being shot, the stories I tell you see almost every day. I can’t control everyone’s choices, I only talk about the troubles I have encountered.

This article is politically incorrect and full of territorial attacks, the Virgin may not read it

Story 1

I flew from NY to Vegas in economy class. Due to the system problems of the American Empire, I got the same seat number as a middle-aged white man in his 40s. I prefer the front seat on the plane, and I check-in first, so I sit in that seat.

After Bai Nan found that the seat was occupied, he negotiated with me to let me sit in the back. I refused and declared that my ticket was ok, I arrived first, so I was not obliged to move. Later, the white man called the flight attendant. He was also a middle-aged and elderly white man. The flight attendant gave me a look and said that he wanted to “check the ticket”. seat , and tell me: you can move your seat now, this is the final decision.

In China, I can directly complain to the flight attendant to be laid off. In the United States, I have nothing to do. It is very troublesome to make trouble on the plane. Even if I have nothing to do in the end, and take me down to the police station for two people to fight for a day, my travel will be completely delayed.

I ended up complaining to the flight attendant and got no response.

Story 2

I lived in Chicago for a few years. I don’t drive, my friends drive me around most of the time. Because there are too many black people, the crime rate is too high. I hardly go out after 9 o’clock, I must take a car when I go out, and I never get off the bus until I reach my destination.

In this way, we also experienced the most outrageous robbery: a few black brothers ambushed under the car around an empty space in the parking lot, when we got out of the car, they controlled us in a four-corner siege and took our credit card. , cash and car keys. I still remember our expressions when I saw Brother Hei crawling out from under the car in the middle of the night.

Of course, they did not have enough IQs, and they were finally caught by the police after racing on the highway.

some thoughts

There is no such thing as “unite to make trouble” in Chinese culture, so it is the most miserable under this voting system overseas. The native whites step on you casually, and all kinds of strange groups can get a share of the pie because of their loud voices, which is really outrageous. To put it simply, college admissions, you get 1600 points in the test, and then you find out that black people can get admission with 1400 points. I will be angry with my temper.

In addition, in China, you think that the related households and grief are more annoying than your colleagues. That is the combination of Indians + black brothers that you have never seen. One won’t brag about anything every day, and the other won’t know anything but pretend to learn with humility. In the end, after a busy lap, you found that everything was done by you, the Indians were promoted, the black brother continued to mix, and you were jumped off the building by PUA.

Why don’t some Chinese people tell you this? Because they live in a relatively low social circle, these intrigues are not involved at all. But when it comes to a little social status and circle, you try again? Chinese people are not discriminated against at all.

However, there are places where foreign benefits are better, eg.

  • For example, for food delivery, a domestic order of 6RMB has to deduct various fees. When I’m abroad, I have to tip $5 for a takeout. The cost of a worker’s visit is about $50-75 per visit, which doubles at night and on weekends.

  • For example, if you don’t want to participate in various social activities at all, you just want to work and earn money to live a small life, maybe the United States will suit you. Some of my classmates have a good salary (~100K-200K) in the United States. This salary is considered middle-class, and they can do a lot of things they want to do. Buy a good car, buy a good house (these are indeed cheaper than domestic ones, we must admit). The problem is, with their academic qualifications and abilities, this figure can be easily achieved in China in recent years, and the growth rate is higher and the ceiling is higher.

  • For example, if you are a homosexual or a minority group, it is difficult to get married in China. At least you can live legally abroad, and you can also enjoy a lot of superhuman treatment.

The problem is that most people are not social all their lives, they deliver food for the rest of their lives, or they are a minority group that is difficult to survive under domestic legislation.

In fact, foreign countries give you the space to “live freely”, but as we all know, there is only so much freedom. So it depends on who has a hard fist and a loud voice, who can sacrifice the freedom of others in exchange for his own.

There is no utopia.

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