Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued the implementation rules for convertible corporate bond trading, which will take effect on August 1

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 Titan Media App reported on July 29 that the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued the "Shenzhen Stock Exchange's Implementation Rules for Convertible Corporate Bonds Trading", which will come into force on August 1, 2022. The main contents include: First, improve the price stabilization mechanism. On the first day of the listing of convertible bonds, a valid declared price range of 57.3% higher and 43.3% lower than the issue price is set for the whole day, and the current two-level intraday temporary suspension mechanism of 20% and 30% is retained; from the day after listing, a 20% increase is set Drop price limit. The second is to strengthen the supervision of abnormal transactions. Clarify the abnormal fluctuations and severe abnormal fluctuations of convertible bond transactions, specify the types of abnormal convertible bond transactions and relevant regulatory measures, and clarify that Shenzhen Stock Exchange may require listed companies to disclose abnormal fluctuation announcements or suspend trading according to the abnormal fluctuations of convertible bonds. Verification, or the implementation of an intraday forced trading suspension. The third is to strengthen risk warnings. A "Z" mark is added before the securities abbreviation on the last trading day of the convertible bonds to fully remind investors of risks and effectively protect the interests of investors. The fourth is to link bond trading rules. Adjustment of the textual expressions such as transaction method, declared quantity unit, etc., such as changing "bid transaction" to "matching transaction", and adjusting the processing method of convertible bond declarations exceeding the price limit from "temporary storage transaction host" to "invalid declaration" .

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