Shimao’s organizational structure was adjusted, and some areas in Central China and North China were cancelled

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 Titan Media App reported on July 21 that Shimao recently issued an internal document announcing the adjustment of the organizational structure in Central China and North China. Specifically, the Wuhan area, Zhengzhou area, and Anhui area were revoked in Central China, and the Wuhan group (focusing on the Wuhan project), the Jingxiang group (focusing on the Xiangyang and Jingzhou projects), the Hunan group (focusing on Changsha and Zhangjiajie), the southern Anhui group, The northern Anhui group and the Zhengzhou group; the northeast area under the jurisdiction of the North China region is adjusted to the Liaoning group and the Heiji group, which are directly managed by the regional companies. Within Shimao Group , the regions and groups also include city companies and districts. Since there are no city companies in central China, the tentacles of previous business sinking were mostly concentrated in the districts. Compared with city companies, areas and groups are not the main business entities. The revocation of the area to set up a group, and the direct management of the regional company, also means that the regional management will be flatter. (Source: International Finance News)

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