Sidi 3D Medicines submits a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Founded in 2010, 3D Medicines focuses on tumor precision medicine. Through the integration and mining of tumor biological characteristics, clinical diagnosis and treatment and drug research and development data, 3D Medicines develops a business model of tumor diagnosis and treatment integration and becomes the integration of tumor diagnosis and treatment. of China practitioners and currently has more than 650 employees in China and the United States. Cooperate with more than 200 top three hospitals in China: in the field of companion diagnosis, it provides comprehensive integrated products and services for tumor diagnosis and treatment for different groups of people (covering the companion diagnosis and detection of drugs for tumor tissue and blood samples); in the field of tumor drug development, anti-tumor The new drug R&D pipeline covers immunotherapy and targeted therapy driven by other marker mutations. The world’s first subcutaneous anti-PD-L1 tumor immunotherapy antibody new drug project jointly developed by the company has entered simultaneous clinical development globally (China, the United States and Japan). stage. Today, Sidi 3D Medicines submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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